Upsetting the CSGV

They don’t like people who compare some fundamental rights to other fundamental rights. Voting is different, you see. There’s no consistency problem there. Nope. None. The Bill of Rights is a buffet to these people. They can take what they like, and leave what they don’t. I particularly love the comments:

“Sebastian and people like him are a HUGE part of the problem in gun sales laws. I hope someone forwards this conversation to the proper authorities.”

That’s defending liberty right there!

“Joan A. Peterson: Sebastian doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. They make things up.”

No, I think you have me confused with yourself.

“Furthermore if you are as stupid as Sebastian you should not be able to sell guns period.”

Well now, I guess they aren’t prohibitionists after all.

3 thoughts on “Upsetting the CSGV”

  1. CSGV seems to seeking jihad against pro-rights people who call them out. First Kurt Hofmann and now you.

    They always have someone who chimes in to say “report them to the authorities” as if “the authorities” were the Stasi, KGB, or Gestapo out to quell anti-regime dissent.

    1. Just wait, if Obummer gets re-elected they will be the Stasi, KGB, and Gestapo all rolled into one!

      I really believe we are at a turning point in history, question is which way we go.

    2. And in so doing they justify our concerns about disarmament. They’re not exactly quelling anyone’s fears.

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