Tab Clearing

We seem to have a few dated stories in the tabs from before I started worrying about Frankenstorm, so I’ll dump them all in one post, so we can move on:

Ilya Somin echoes a lot of my sentiments about the candidacy of Gary Johnson.

Voting for Romney, with enthusiasm. I may do it, for some of the reasons mentioned, but it won’t be with enthusiasm.

Pumpkins for Peterson. Also here.

Anti-gun folks are going crazy with love over this piece, by I’m guessing one of their supporters.├é┬áBecause, you know, the vast majority of us believe gun safety is best taught to children by handing them a machine pistol and a beer. Do they even realize this is how a great many gun owners teach safe and responsible gun handling to children? This isn’t exceptional. It’s the responsible thing most responsible parents who own guns do.

4 thoughts on “Tab Clearing”

  1. also agree with the gary johnson article. Libertarians will be far less proud of their principled gary johnson vote when there are 5 elena kagan’s on the supreme court. sad thing to me is if the libertarian party would just embrace reality, elect a senator or two, they could have a massive impact. but instead we get their sound and fury signifying nothing every four years and that’s as far as it ever goes.

  2. In reply to “Anti-gun folks are going crazy with love over this piece” section, we don’t skimp on our kids, they git a 6 pack and a pair of machine pistols!

    But seriously, great piece!

  3. I volunteer at least a hundred hours a year to teaching hunter education in my state.

  4. Excellent pieces. Thank you.

    I was hesitant about Romney for a while, but the more I read about him, the more enthusiastic I am to vote for him next week.

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