The Space Cadets of the Gun Control Movement

Much like how satellites can be launched into various orbits, from low earth orbit all the way up to geostationary orbit, the gun control movement kind of works the same way. In the low orbit, you have MAIG, who mostly operate near to earth reality. The Brady Campaign have quite recently been firing their boosters to increase their orbital radius to more closely match that of CSGV. But there’s one group who just kept firing their booster, and is now headed out into deep space. That group is National Gun Victims Action Council, and Miguel has the latest coming back from the outer limits, and so does Thirdpower. No intelligent life to be found yet.

4 thoughts on “The Space Cadets of the Gun Control Movement”

  1. Went to the National Gun Victims site. Is that a spoof? They claim the only reason for the 2nd Amendment was to enable slavery. A joke, right? They can’t seriously believe that.

  2. I think we should be more concerned about a group like PETGuns (People for the Ethical Treatment of Guns) doing an expose’ of how we clean our guns. Come on, I mean putting a couple boxes of ammo on the little guns to keep them pinned where you want them isn’t really hurting them, or even putting the larger ones in a vice. I hate it when they get to squirming around, get loose and run under a workbench or furniture. Even worse are the rifles, when they slither and get up on their bipods, hissing and striking. And then we force wire brushes and harsh chemicals down their throats, followed by gagging with cloth on long rods. I mean, it is for their own good, right? I, I may not be able to look in the mirror and shave in the morning. Oh wait, I wear a beard, never mind.

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