Time to Head Home for the Good Stuff

I came into work today, which was probably a mistake, because I am so out of it I got nothing done, except filling my trash can full of tissues.  I think it’s time to call it a day and head home to dope myself up with Benadryl, which is the only thing that gives me actual relief.   Sadly, it also either a) puts me immediately to sleep or b) sends my brain somewhere into outer earth orbit.

One thought on “Time to Head Home for the Good Stuff”

  1. Try Tylenol’s Allergy Multi-Symptom stuff. It worked wonders on me last night. Less than 30 minutes after taking it i was set to pass out. And the Day stuff works pretty well too, but i only took half a dose because i can’t be in charge of a bunch of kids and all loopy. Hope you feel better.

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