So Begins Earth Hour

Earth hour starts now.  We’re all supposed to turn all our lights and modern devices off, and imagine what it’s like to live in the stone age, except for the whole dying before you reach 30 part.

Glenn Reynolds suggests celebrating human achievement.  I think that’s a swell idea.  Bitter and I are going to go out and celebrate by consuming beef.  Beef is naturally earth friendly because it comes from the earth.  Don’t listen to the dirty hippies who say otherwise.  It’s tasty, tasty human achievement.

11 thoughts on “So Begins Earth Hour”

  1. I got all my lights on and the high wattage work lights. All my computers are on and playing new age music. I’m wearing dark sun glasses because its pretty bright in here.

    Enjoy it folks because Bush and Republicans have banned the incandesant light bulb starting in 2014

  2. Meh, buy a few cases of incandescent bulbs in different wattage’s, you’ll never run out if you’re worried about a ban.

    I cooked a pork shoulder roast on the grill for 9 hours yesterday. Tasty pulled pork BBQ for dinner and high carbon usage ftw!

  3. I forgot all about Earth Hour, but as it turns out we celebrated it in proper form by grilling ribeyes. Hey – animal flesh cooked over open fire – isn’t that kinda like the Stone Age?

  4. Lighten up, Thane. Burning carbon is good for the plant population which thrives on CO2. In turn, that’s good for herbivores which in turn is good for human beings, including hunters. In AD 1000, Greenland was actually green due to extreme global warming and the human population thrived as a result! Global warming is our FRIEND! For my part I turned on all my lights and the TV. These foolish pagans who worship the creature instead of the creator need to be mocked for the fools they are even if it does cost me a little on my light bill! Long live climate change!

  5. @Arnie: Some of us “foolish pagans” worship the creator, not the creation, but we just aren’t get down with your version of “the creator,” so why don’t you lay off the religious commentary while you are posting to a gun blog?

    Can’t we just find a caliber we can all agree upon?

    (7.62 NATO FTW)

  6. Sorry, Link, but I didn’t start this. Thane called our legitimate “lights on” protest of the indisputably paganistic “Earth Hour” a “stupid idea.” Perhaps I should have let that go, but I am tired of being a reserved milktoast while the earth-worshippers cram a bunch of useless, bankrupting carbon- and green-taxes down our throats to supposedly prevent a disaster that scientists the world over have concluded doesn’t exist – and then have the gall to call MY ideas stupid! I am NOT the one forcing others to support my religion with taxes; the pagan earth-worshippers are. And because I see guns as the only means of defending my property (i.e., money) from these pagan tyrants, I submit that this gun blog is the perfect site upon which to air my grievance (pending Sebastian’s approval, of course). But if the free expression of my opinion in response to an insult has really upset you, then I am truly sorry. By the way, good choice of caliber; I am storing a trove of .50 cal also. – Arnie

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