Illinois Democrats Beating The Gun Control Drum

Looks like someone in the Illinois Democratic Party has decided that gun control is a hill they are ready to die on.* This time they are taking advantage of the fact that people who don’t own guns, and generally even people who do, don’t know what the gun laws are. Illinois requires licensing for all gun owners, in the form of an FOID card. To sell a gun to someone, they must also possess an FOID card. The system allows for private transfers, because the license is proof you’re eligible. Illinois attempted to pass background checks for private sales on top of the licensing requirement, and now the Democrats are spinning that as a vote against background checks. It might be technically true, but it’s awfully disingenuous in a state where you can’t legally possess a firearm without a license that requires a background check to obtain, and is revoked upon committing a crime.

* Again, the standard disclaimer for those on the other side that this is a metaphor, perhaps one quickly developing, in the standard business buzzword vernacular, into a cliche. I recognize that many professional activists and community organizers in the gun control movement have never held a “real job” for most of their careers, and may not be up on the current business buzzwords, of which “I don’t want to die on that hill,” is certainly one. But literally, no one will be dying on any hills, and if I say we should “touch base later” (definitely a cliche now), it doesn’t mean anything dirty or immoral. In the mean time I encourage you to channel some core competencies to drive a media synergy that leverages new paradigms, rather than thinking you’ve found some kind of insurrectionist gotcha.

3 thoughts on “Illinois Democrats Beating The Gun Control Drum”

  1. Regressive “progressives”. Can’t learn, or don’t want to. This is why dinosaurs are not in the backyard.

  2. It’s perhaps worth noting that for the presidential race at least Illinois is polling a lot less Democratic than normally, starting with the suburbs outside of Chicago (!). Maybe gun grabbers in that state are sensing a fleeting possible opportunity?

  3. More proof that all they care about is adding restrictions. They want licensing, but at no benefit to the gun owner. Like when they talk about mandating insurance they throw a hissy at the idea of a policy actually paying out to the gun owner.

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