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So Uncle sent me a sneak peek at this article yesterday, which prompted me to look up some Illinois gun laws, and let me tell you, I’m really glad I don’t live in Illinois.   What appears to have happened is this guy had his FFL revoked, and decided to sell off his inventory in private sales, which is legal in Illinois, provided that you aren’t “in the business” of selling firearms.  Illinois law does specifically mention liquidating a collection as not being “in the business”.  But even so, operating as a dealer without a license is a misdemeanor under Illinois law for a first time offender.   This article states that he is charged with a Class 1 Felony.

But what did this guy do?  Well, he didn’t apply the waiting period required under IL law, which is three days for a pistol, and 24 hours for a long gun.  Apparently you have to do this even in a private sale.  Violation here is a Class 4 Felony in Illinois.   But what got him the Class 1, the most heinous of felonies?   Well, it turns out a recent law makes it a Class 1 Felony if you don’t ask to see the other fella’s FOID card before you sell him the gun.

Get that folks?   If you do a private transfer in Illinois, and fail to ask to see the other person’s FOID card, it’s the same as if you pulled out the gun, and instead of handing it over to him, shot him dead.  Illinois politicians apparently feel that selling a gun to your buddy or neighbor, and not asking to see the FOID, is an offense deserves to be up there with murder.

Remember that next time a gun control idiot tells you that most gun owners  aren’t affected by gun control, and that all they want are reasonable laws.

4 thoughts on “IL Gun Laws”

  1. I don’t know why this has you so upset. Just the other day I read where Wayne said we should enforce the laws already on the books. Please don’t tell me this is a parting of the ways.

    I know, mean-spirited of me. Well, Goddammit I’m feeling mean. This isn’t news, it is custom. Some of us have been trying to make that point over and over. They don’t care about that man in his own right, nor do they really believe what he did deserves what they are doing. They do believe they have just scared the shit out of everybody else, many of whom will avoid anything at all to do with guns, including speaking in defense of the second amendment.

    If you do not want power abused do not grant it. Once granted and once abused taking it back requires the force of violence.

    HR 2640 if it becomes law will be no differently administered. The herdsman always put his interest ahead of that of his livestock. Do not flatter yourself that you are anything more than livestock to your self-anointed betters.

  2. Us peasants in IL aren’t to be trusted with Extreme weapons, but with all this Bill of Rights stuff getting in the way the best they can do is pass laws like this.

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