Abandoning All Pretense of Moderation

The Brady Campaign is outraged that the Daily Caller would dare raffle off a gun, and now they are demanding criminal charges be filed against NRA and Daily Caller by the New York and California Attorneys General. This is just an act of desperation, folks. A lame and naked attempt to be relevant, and to drum up buzz on the idea that NRA is evil and shady. First, I’m not sure why New York or California law would be at issue here, since there is no raffle that is occurring in either of those two states. The raffle is presumably happening in either Virginia or the District of Columbia, both of which have provisions for charitable gaming.

We should be glad to see the Brady Campaign and CSGV resorting to thug tactics. It means that’s all they have left.

4 thoughts on “Abandoning All Pretense of Moderation”

  1. And in doing so, they likely raised awareness for the raffle. Good job Bradys!

  2. The Bradys’ release implies they want it investigated under CA and NY laws because of the “high-capacity” magazine restrictions, draconian transfer requirements, and “No Purchase Necessary” laws (they have a problem with the “required” $25 entry fee).

    Like that will make any difference unless a winner lives in one of those states. And isn’t it a condition of entry into the contest that you understand and agree to abide by your state’s transfer and ownership laws?

    Here’s the winner: “The Attorneys General of California and New York have been strong supporters of keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people and enforcing the law to prevent gun violence [sic].” I’m assuming they mean the same Attorneys General that insist on providing exceptions for and arming any thug that wears a uniform and badge, and then refusing to appropriately prosecute their indiscretions (see Barron’s “State Sponsored Criminal Count” or David Codrea’s “Only Ones” files).

  3. I wouldn’t go too far in calling this an act of desperation; it is a pretty standard attention-getting, constituency-pleasing tactic, not unlike the RKBA outfits that file frivolous and ill-strategized lawsuits as fund raising gimmicks. Though as alcade points out, they also are advertizing for the raffle and the Daily Caller. And it’s not like the Daily Caller didn’t anticipate any of this. Everybody comes up a winner!

    And, there’s not much that’s better for building a contact list than a raffle. Some years ago I knew a couple guys who would set up a card table in a mall or two and raffle off a Florida or Bahamas vacation — for free. Just fill in the coupon. It was totally legitimate, the drawing was legit, and the winner got the vacation exactly as described. But meanwhile, they sold the names and addresses and phone numbers for a tidy enough profit to make it worth working a few weekends in the mall.

    Our “grassroots” groups do this all the time. There are schools for it.

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