MAIG Not Above Playing Up Victimhood

They are recruiting a survivor of the Aurora mass shooting in order to push MAIG’s agenda, none of which would have done a damned thing to stop the Aurora shooting:

Barton said he hopes moderator Jim Lehrer asks the candidates about gun control, and specifically presses them on universal background checks, mental health services and bans on extended magazines and assault weapons.

“The bottom line is neither of [the candidates], in the wake of Aurora and Oak Creek, has shown any leadership on this issue in any specific way,” he said.

He would have passed any background check, because he simply did not have any contact with the mental health system that would have showed up in a background check. There is no law that is going to stop someone from buying a gun if they slip through the justice system or mental health system, and never get a record in NICS. No amount of gun control can make up for the fact that the mental health system is broken. When these mass killers consistently pass background checks, why is it that the victims are consistently signed up to push for proposals that just extend what already failed? Clearly doubling down on failure is smart public policy.

2 thoughts on “MAIG Not Above Playing Up Victimhood”

  1. You know, I’ve been hit twice by other drivers and I’ve never thought that magically turned me into an expert on national transportation policy.

  2. Colorado’s emergency commitment law is defective in that it requires imminent danger; the non-emergency commitment law involves sending a polite request to the crazy person asking them to come to court to discuss commitment. That would have worked so well with Mr. Holmes, don’t you think?

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