USA Today Peddling Contrived Controversy

USA Today is jumping on the bandwagon, reporting about the manufactured controversy over the PIMA County GOP raffling off a Glock 23. Aside from not even being the same model Glock that the nut used to shoot up the Giffords rally, it also happens to be, quite likely, the most common brand of handgun sold today. There’s nothing odd or unusual about it.

Caroline Brewer, spokeswoman for the Brady Campaignto Prevent Gun Violence, said it doesn’t matter that it is legal to raffle a gun. “Where is their moral compass? It boggles the mind,” she said. “This is insensitive to Rep. Giffords and all the families in Tucson involved in the shooting.”

This controversy is one that’s been entirely manufactured by Democratic operatives and Washington DC based groups who don’t have much to do these days except sit around waiting for their organizations to run out of money.

If our opponents want to go back to the days of railing for handgun prohibition, they are welcome. This is a losing issue for them. The implication is you’re a bad person for owning or wanting a Glock, and an awful lot of people own them. So please, Brady folks, keep on marching down that road to irrelevance.

UPDATE: Robb Allen in the comments: “Would these people have a problem with a car dealer on Chappaquiddick Island raffling off a car?”

13 thoughts on “USA Today Peddling Contrived Controversy”

  1. Robb, you win the Internets today. I would add though they would also include a fifth of gin to go with the car.

    They might even give you a secretary to ride around in the car with you.

  2. Last year the Oregon GOP raffled off an AR-15. The tickets were sold at the Oregon State Fair. I was more than happy to buy a ticket for it (I didn’t win).

    I don’t recall hearing anything bad about this from either side. No “blood in the streets” or “what are they thinking!?” or anything. The winner had to pass a background check to claim his prize.

    The Pima County raffle is ONLY being demonized because it’s an “evil” Glock. Period. The End.

  3. I want to know what pistols the Pima County SWAT team used in the Guerena raid*.

    If they were Glocks, why aren’t the Bradys complaining about that?

    (Rhetorical – I know the answer.)

    (* I’ve looked and been unable to find out what the Pima County SWAT team is actually issues.)

  4. Well, if we didn’t know it for certain, we do now. The police are in serious need of a lot of sensitivity training. Most of them carry Glocks!

  5. Given the “insensitivity” of the Brady Campaign towards millions of American gun owners over the years, it’s a wonder that anyone is still alive in that rotten organization. Caroline Brewer might want to consider that before she starts flapping her pie hole about “insensitivity”. Raping the constitutional rights of Americans, as the Brady Campaign has done and continues to do, doesn’t quite compare to mere “insensitivity”.
    The Brady Campaign is such a willfully ignorant organization that its people have no ability to comprehend their own hypocrisy. They owe the very existence of their organization to their rights under the law, yet their organization exists for the purpose of denying rights under the law to others. They’re a pack of mad dogs shredding the same Bill of Rights that they rely on to protect them.
    They should be shut down by the federal government for subverting the Second Amendment. Organized efforts at destroying the rights of the American people should be a federal crime. Members of the Brady Conspiracy should be fined and imprisoned by law. If they don’t like that, then there’s the argument that there should be a federal death penalty for them. I have no problem with radical, anti-Americans like Dennis Henigan or Caroline Brewer being given a one-way ticket down the federal hypodermic highway. Either they stop abusing their fellow Americans who peacefully exercise their constitutional rights, or the law comes down on them. I’m fed up with being willfully abused by these subversives while the law stands idly by and does absolutely nothing to stop them.
    It’s time to stop playing with these criminals. Either they clean up their act, or the government cleans it up for them, by law, one way or another.

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