Compare and Contrast

Miguel has a link to the latest CSGV protest at the White House. I count twelve people. Meanwhile, last week, we had our Friends of the NRA Dinner for Bucks County:

Bucks County FNRA

That’s 81 people, who paid 45 dollars to show up, and then also forked out an average of several hundred dollars a person on games. Granted, this is the non-political branch of NRA — Friends of the NRA raises money to fund grants to support shooting sport programs, particularly youth programs run by groups like the Boy Scouts and 4H. In a single county, we can attract nearly 7x more than CSGV’s White House protests.

And I’d note that our dinner is new, and we’re hoping to grow it. Why? Because 81 is a sad turnout by Friends of the NRA banquet standards. The Liberty Bell Committee puts on a dinner in the City of Philadelphia that regularly attracts 250 or more. Chester County FNRA, hosting their dinner in Kennett Square, attracts 300 people. Montgomery County, also a new committee, but a few years older than ours, is up to 160. Biggest of all in Eastern Pennsylvania is the Lancaster Friends, who put on a dinner with 800 or more, such that they have to run the dinner buffet style, and keep it running all night so that everyone can eat.

The gun control movement in decline (GCMD?) keeps denying they are up against real people. NRA? A toadie for the gun industry who just wants to sell more guns. NRA is an organization that’s brainwashed a small number of extremists. Guns are not a grassroots cause.

But the truth is that a small number of extremists would seem to more accurately describe their movement than ours.

3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. We had over four times that at the West Lafayette FNRA dinner on 9/11. Oh, I won another gun at the sponsor drawing, third year in a row.

    In a down economy, on a school night, in the “middle of nowhere” (West Lafayette, Indiana), in a liberalish college town, many times more people came out to give away money than at a CSGV Annual Meeting. *snicker*

  2. I did not give you permission to use my likeness in that photo.

    Just kidding. The food was good, and I was alone this year. The company I met at the table was very good and friendly and we talked guns and hunting and 2nd amendment. My 4 friends that I brought last year, all had conflicts for that same night. So I am looking forward to next year, believe me. I say that with the knowledge that I still haven’t won a weapon of any kind. I am great at the silent auction though. All of my friends did last year. 700 dollars? Not me, but I was easy over 200. I mean the 50-50 was over 320 dollars. Great event! Keep it rolling along.

    1. Glad you could make it, and we really appreciate you coming out.

      And if you can see your likeness, I didn’t do a good enough job obscuring it :) I made the picture small so if you blow it up it’ll just pixelate. We don’t need CSGV “outing” any more individuals.

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