What Do We Do Now?

So Castle Doctrine managed to get to the Senate floor as a clean bill – one of the biggest hurdles we will likely face with this legislation at this point in the game.

Federally, nothing that the gun controllers are pushing seems to show much sign of life at the moment. Obama still hasn’t made his big speech on gun control.

This year’s elections are mostly county seats, with a few judicial spots, & some municipal offices. (That reminds me to go check which MAIG mayors are up this year. Maybe we can clean house a bit.)

Well, now that it’s time to sit down & get serious about planning for Pittsburgh, I also decided to attend a meeting to start a Friends of the NRA dinner in our area. The last committee was one family & they always asked for assistance, but never wanted any help. The dinner was never very full, and it finally died last year. Last night’s meeting had more than 20 people at it, though I’m sure we’ll be lucky to get half of that at the next meeting. But that’s okay, because there was at least some energy in the room. Energy is good. We’ll have to pitch to a lot of cantankerous old men to get people out to the dinner, so we’ll need energy.

It’s nice to be able to focus on the fun part of the issue again. Most of us did not get involved in the movement on the political and philosophical arguments alone. Most of us got involved in the issue because shooting is fun. Whether you are poking holes in paper, knocking little steel animals over, or busting clays, few people can do it without a smile on their face. Even though the program is for a fundraising dinner, it’s to raise money to expand the programs that introduce that joy of shooting to even more people. And who can be against joy for the people?

2 thoughts on “What Do We Do Now?”

  1. NRA Dinner. My wife and I will be attending the one in Kennett Square on the 12th of March.
    I would like to see our new Attorney General reach out to enlarge the reach of PA reciprocity for his constituents. I’m OK with carrying Utah and Florida, but others don’t want to pay the money. Is it a simple ask and answer proposition? Maybe PA could have 2 categories of LTCF, one with training and one without? One would be good in more states. I pray for National Reciprocity, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it.
    I also find that getting volunteers to do anything anymore is more difficult. Even with my wife and 4 kids I still find the time to volunteer. I sometimes volunteer to much. (When people find out you will volunteer and you will work?, Watch out) Like now it is baseball season and my time will be less on some things to make room for umpiring.

  2. @Bitter: Danny makes a good point about expanding PA reciprocity to evern more states. Would you perhaps know what the process would be to have our new AG do this?

    According to this article, it would see that she will have her hands full with the ongoing investigation of state lawmakers that Corbett started, but perhaps someone in her staff could take up this issue?


    Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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