Does NRA have any Friends left in Philly?

We typically attend a couple of Friends of the NRA dinners a year, but last year we missed them all. The family in Bucks County that always organizes it (and complains about how much work it is while turning away volunteer help), seems to have dropped the event last year. The New Jersey dinner we have attended in the past was held the same night as another event we planned to attend, so that was just a planning issue.

This year, I’d like to get back into the habit of attending them. We’re by no means high bidders in auctions, but we’ll usually spend some dough on games and a silent auction item. Lucky for us, we learned in a conversation with the Field Rep in 2008 that there’s usually a Philadelphia dinner in the spring.

Unfortunately, when I went to check out the list of dinners scheduled for the next few months, it would seem that the Philadelphia dinner is not mentioned. I presume that if there is going to be a spring event, it would already be well into the planning stages. Hopefully they just bumped it back to later in the year. I’d hate to think that the shooting sports, youth programs, women’s outreach, and range support programs have no friends left in Philadelphia. (We won’t know whether there are friends left in Bucks County until later this year since that dinner was regularly held in the fall.)

6 thoughts on “Does NRA have any Friends left in Philly?”

  1. The Philly banquet is scheduled for March 30, 2010. But you are right, it seems to be missing from the web calendar. Email or call one of the guys on their website and ask to buy tix to the Liberty Bell event. Post back here if that doesn’t work for ya.

    The Montgomery County event isn’t until May 19, 2010.

  2. Montgomery County is a no-go. That’s what happens when it’s scheduled for the same week as the Annual Meeting. Hence, the need for a Philly banquet.

    I’ll shoot Kory an email. I find it odd that if they are trying to grow that event that it wouldn’t be advertised online. Maybe the year we didn’t go they hit max capacity? Perhaps all of the Bucks people predicted the one here would fall through the cracks and hit up that one? Who knows, but I’ll inquire.

  3. I have been looking for an event close to philly to attend. Please let me know how to get 2 tickets for this?

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