14 thoughts on “It’s Called Stealing”

  1. Doesn’t 18 Pa.C.S. §3903 (a)(2) make it a second degree felony to steal a firearm? Interested in how this plays out.

  2. They should be treated no differently than if a mugger took the firearm. It really should be that simple.

  3. Hmmm….How would that work, I wonder.

    Mall security guy: Sir, I believe you are carrying a concealed weapon. Please hand it over.

    Me: Ah, no.

    Mall security guy: Sir, if necessary I will take it from you by force.

    Me (as I continue toward the exit): I really don’t think that would be a good idea. (Dials 911)

  4. If it were simply a matter of them disarming him at some point after he was fighting in the club, I could see where they might be justified in keeping his weapon from him *for the time being* if he was drunk and disorderly, etc.

    However, it’s gonna be pretty hard for them to justify charging him for return of his property.

    1. Understandable maybe, but not legal without his permission. They have two options. If they keep the gun, it has to be with his permission, and they have to return it when asked (presumably upon leaving). The other option is they can ask him to leave. They can’t forcibly take and hold your property.

  5. Club Security? You mean bouncer right? I’ve seen some of these guys and many of them have a rap sheet a mile long. What are the chances that the person that took the gun was a prohibited person?

  6. I’d have to say, I wouldn’t have paid them the $$$, bad move, It’d be a much better call to the cops to say that the bouncer stole my gun.

    Of course I’d not be in a after hour club..

  7. Stirring the pot some more:

    Is it not illegal in PA to take your gun into a club like that…assuming it was also a bar?

    1. No, it’s not. There’s no law about bars and guns in PA. There’s not even any law about guns and drinking. Though it would be a safe assumption that if you’re busted for some alcohol related crime, or you’re caught breaking some other law while drunk and carrying, the sheriff will revoke your permit. There is some discretion sheriffs here have.

      1. Noted. This seems to be the ONE area in which PA gun law is superior to OK gun law. ;)

    2. I’d also note, even if it was illegal, the only thing they can do is call the cops. They still can’t take his gun and keep it.

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