Oral Arguments in Kachalsky

These are the oral arguments (mp3), before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Alan Gura is attorney for the appellant. The judges kept a lighthearted and friendly demeanor the whole time, and I get the impression they are taking the arguments seriously. For this case, I’m going to be cautiously optimistic. I think the arguments went well. This happened a few weeks ago, but I just got a link to the audio recently.

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    1. No. New Jersey is in the 3rd Circuit with Pennsylvania and Delaware. New York is in the 2nd Circuit with Connecticut, and Vermont.

  1. What’s this case about? I’m having trouble keeping up with several of these court cases, as it seems that authors assume you already know the background. :S

  2. The case is a straight carry case. In simple terms, it challenges the policy of NY to deny permits to those who do not prove they need it. With the exception of arguing the semantics of the exact state statutes, this case is the same as Woollard in Maryland, Shepard in Illinois and similar cases in NJ, CA and MA.

    They are all the same in scope and intent: to force the question of public carry into the courts.

    I am optimistic on the Second Circuit. A win there would be a great thing. Before then, I’d suggest we all start looking west to Illinois. The 7th Circuit there heard orals on the SAF and NRA cases about three months ago. That suggests we are now in the window for a decision.

  3. Peruta v San Diego is the one furthest along in the 9th, California.

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