One Blogger’s Response from Wal-Mart

Over at Firearms and Freedom, Wal-Mart responds.  I still haven’t gotten anything yet.  If I get the same thing, I’ll let everyone know.  I find that response to be wholly inadequate, and while I understand Wal-Mart’s desire to be a “responsible retailer” they were already doing that by following the relevant state and federal regulations in regards to firearm sales.  This is not about being a responsible retailer.  If you want my guess, it’s about opening stores in New York City.  Wal-Mart is free as a business to decide these are reasonable steps, and I’m free as a consumer to shop elsewhere, which I will do.

5 thoughts on “One Blogger’s Response from Wal-Mart”

  1. I got the same thing. Form letter response for something like this means I take ALL my business elsewhere…

  2. Same here, I responded with: Bloomberg is dishonest and disingenuous with gun-owners, placing blame for his failed policies on other persons and even other States. However I understand he owns a lot of Wal-Mart stock.

    Meanwhile you have lost another customer – I will support other sellers who do not cave in to his peer-group pressure.

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