The Laws Don’t Work, So Bloomberg Says We Need More Laws

Huffington Post has done an interview with King Bloomberg, replete with choice quotes:

“I don’t think there’s anybody, any rational person, that seriously could argue that what we have and the way we enforce it prohibits carnage,” he said. “There’s 34 people killed every single day [nationwide]. We’ve killed more than 400,000 Americans since 1968, when RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated. That is more Americans than died during WWII. So the argument that we can do with existing laws and stop this is just preposterous. It isn’t worth having a discussion about.”

So the laws on murder, which can earn you the death penalty in many states, don’t stop people from murdering each other, but a few extra gun control laws will do the trick? Sorry, but I don’t think there’s any rational person that doesn’t think Bloomberg’s assumption is full of excrement.

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  1. Funny, I found myself making the same argument the other day to another gun owner who supported registration and 14 day waiting periods.

    He honestly believed that adding a penalty to a list of laws nobody knows will curtail crime.

    There are so many faults with this line of reasoning.

    One, nobody knows all the laws. Even judges require looking it up. Expecting that Jamal is going to actually know that the stolen gun he has is worth an extra 2 years in jail is ludicrous.

    Two, that Jamal would even care is beyond a laugh. If he is willing to put your life in danger by using a gun to take your stuff and is not concerned about the penalty from THAT, what makes *another* penalty a mind-changing event? At what point does someone say “I’m willing to pay the price for murder / attempted murder, but I’m not going to suffer for having a gun that’s not registered / allowed“?

    Finally, what good are ‘harsher penalties’ when they’re not applied? Jamal knows he’ll get out of jail early, regardless of how long they told him he was going in. In fact, those penalties tend to only stick to those who got caught in them (like innocent people trying to sell orchids) and who don’t know how to game the system.

    That’s not justice. Nor is it logical. And that Bloomberg can continually spout this crap and stay elected shows how corrupt and broken our system is.

  2. I can personally attest to a criminal’s mindset when it comes to gun laws. A few months ago a goblin broke into my truck and ripped the stereo out of the dash. When he was done with that, he opened the center console and found one of my backup XD magazines with 13 rounds of .45y goodness. Luckily, KC’s finest caught him in the act (passed out behind the steering wheel; don’t commit felonies when you’re too drunk to finish them kids!). While one of the officers was interviewing me I heard the other one ask the goblin why, as a convicted felon, he would take a magazine knowing full well that it would take the crime from a local matter to a federal matter. He shrugged and mumbled something about “Breaking the law may as well break it again.” The police told me that the magazine would probably go for a similar price as the stereo… about $5 in the parking lot of the nearest gas station. So, for $5, a goblin will cheerfully expose himself to an additional 10 years in prison. Existing gun laws mattered not one bit to the goblin.

    I do look forward to testifying at his trial or plea hearing should he try to plead out.

  3. “…..It isn’t worth having a discussion about.”

    AAAAaaand the Freudian slips out.

    As Joe would say “it’s good to have clarity.”

  4. Just about nobody can own a gun in NYC as it stands now. What is he crying about? He already has everything he couild ever want as far as gun control laws go.

  5. I don’t understand why anyone pays attention to him any more. The more you rant, the better he likes it.

    1. Read back in the archives (e.g. use a Google search like this one) and you will see that our hosts believe him to be the most dangerous gun grabber today. He’s got lots of money, he’s got by far the most effective organization left, and he’s made quite a few moves in their neighboring Pennsylvania as well as elsewhere.

  6. If Bloomberg is the most dangerous gun grabber, then I’ll sleep well tonight. He’s loud and he has a lot of money, but he’s swimming upstream on this issue.

    1. I’d rather over-estimate my enemies and be wrong, than under-estimate them, and fall asleep at the switch, and then wake up and discover that we lost something very important. As Han Solo said, “don’t get cocky, kid!”

      It is particularly important to watch Bloomberg, because, like Obama, he’s been doing things “under the radar”. He may be swimming against the issue, and he may be bumbling, even in his under-radar stuff, but he is nonetheless THE organization to be concerned about.

      Which isn’t to say that we turn blind eyes to organizations like the Joyce Foundation, VPC, or the Brady Campaign, or CSGV. Since these organizations are discredited shadows of their former selves (which, in turn, turned out to be less than strong organizations, even at their peak, anyway), we don’t need to be *as* concerned with them…but we need to keep an eye on them, nonetheless. The problem with Illegal Mayors Against Guns (MAIG), is that their organization hasn’t yet been publicly discredited. And we need to work on fixing that!

  7. Not being cocky is a far cry from being so paranoid that you can’t focus on anything else..

    1. What evidence do you have that we’re being paranoid to the exclusion of everything else? As far as I can see, Sebastian still monitors the other Brady folk, and he highlights fun things that are happening in the gun world…and he even highlights things (both fun and otherwise) that go on in his own life.

      It’s good that Bloomberg swims upstream, but sometimes people succeed in their swim. It’s an excellent idea to keep an eye on him, and try to add lead weights to his arms and legs when we get the opportunity, too.

  8. Okay Alpheus, superior logic prevails.
    But I do see a lot of paranoia here, though not necessarily the principal figures.

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