Changing Definitions

Chicago can’t reduce their murder rate. So how do we solve it? Why, change the definition of murder, that’s how. Everyone knows it’s a lot better to get killed indoors than outdoors.

One Response to “Changing Definitions”

  1. j huettl says:

    Next the Chief will want to use the English System of reporting gun deaths in England.

    ie: Persons murdered by firearms. Only Homicides with a charge of Murder with a firearm are reported and only reported after the conviction. Homicides with a charge of Manslaughter are not reported on conviction…ergo therefore you have less Murders with firearms in Jolly Old England.,,much the same when you look into Japans method of reporting statistics.

    Just waiting for the Justice Department to have this revelation and show how the President in is infinite wisdom has lowered the crime rates all across the United States of America.