The American Hunger for More Gun Control

We keep hearing from the gun control people that this time will be different. The AP reports on a protest in Colorado by gun control advocates, “A small group of gun control advocates rallied outside the campaign stop at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.” Now, keep in mind this is the same media that’s been all too willing in the past to hide poor turnout at gun control protests, or inflate their numbers. So if the media is saying it’s a small group, it’s a small group. This is not what a national movement looks like. This is not an America that’s hungry for more gun control.

One thought on “The American Hunger for More Gun Control”

  1. I don’t thnk Americans want more gun control, but they are scared and are looking for some sort of security.
    That makes them vulnerable to those who imply that more gun laws equals more safety.
    I can understand that fear, there is someting going on that we haven’t got a handle on just yet.
    It’s not just shootings, but road rage incidents are on the rise, and so is abuse of children and infants.
    If there is some common contributing factor, we need to sniff it out.

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