Don’t Let MAIG Get Away With This Snow Job

It’s been in media reports from around the country.  MAIG isn’t a gun control group.  They are only opposed to illegal guns. See the comments by Lancaster Mayor Rick Grey:

Gray, a Democrat running for a second term, spoke of a push by the National Rifle Association to pressure mayors to quit the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group. He said he would not be bowed by the NRA, and he affirmed the group’s efforts to curb illegal guns, while calling on his election opponent, former mayor Charlie Smithgall, to do the same.

Or Boyertown Mayor Marianne Deery:

Deery said the National Rifle Association has distributed postcards that read, “Your mayor, Marianne Deery, joined a national anti-gun group.”

“That can be no further from the truth,” the mayor said. “I am against illegal guns.”

“I will always stand up to fight for the second amendment of our Constitution,” Deery said. “I do believe that we have the right to own and bear arms.”

She said MAIG also supports the second amendment.

Let me show for you a graphic originally presented to me by our friend Carl in Chicago. It’s undisputed that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violent is a group that advocates for more gun control and advocates for gun bans.  Let us take a look at MAIG’s positions versus the Brady Campaign positions:

Position on Federal Legislation MAIG Brady
Prohibit National Carry Reciprocity x x
Repeal Tiahrt Amendment x x
Criminalize private gun transfers x x
Prohibit gun sales to those on terrorist watch list x x
Prohibit gun dealers to liquidate inventory x x
Oppose BATFE modernization x x
Position on State Legislation
Require lost or stolen reporting x x
Support regional data-sharing on gun owners x x
Support microstamping requirements x x
Prohibit carry on city-owned public property x x

Click on the links on the “x” for attribution of the organizations respective positions. There is no doubt folks, MAIG is a gun control group trying to hide behind the shield of only advocating getting rid of illegal guns. They just fail to mention to their prospective mayors that they favor making a lot more things illegal when it comes to guns. If you have a MAIG Mayor in your town, don’t let them get away with parroting this nonsense of only being against illegal guns. Make them own up for the gun control group they are a member of.

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  1. Very misleading post. They ARE only against illegal guns. Its just, you see, they haven’t managed to make them all illegal yet. Once they do, then their position will be clear as can be.

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