WNYC Article on MAIG

This article shows how folks in one Pennsylvania town got their Mayor out of MAIG, and also gives you an idea of the states that are involved in this dance we are beginning with this new gun control group. Gun control groups are even getting rather bold in their pronouncements:

But after the recent elections, it’s gun control advocates who say they came out ahead. One group, Ceasefire Pennsylvania, says all 12 of the candidates it endorsed won re-election, despite opposition from the NRA. By contrast, gun rights groups couldn’t name any members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in Pennsylvania who lost re-election.

That’s interesting that they claim that, because NRA did not get involved in any of these local Mayoral election in this past cycle. The only action NRA has taken against MAIG so far is mailings to some towns to inform them that their mayor is a member of a gun control group.

But for gun control advocates, the mayors coalition has become a useful, and well-funded ally. Paul Helmke is the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He says mayors deal directly with victims of crime and police departments, so they have not just the bully pulpit, but moral authority as well.

“I really feel it’s been one of the most significant things to help affect the debate on gun violence prevention in a number of years,” Helmke says.

Hey, any group that gets the Paul Helmke endorsement can’t possibly be a gun control group, right? They see the potential. Let’s just hope other gun owners do before this group starts achieving real legislative victories.

UPDATE: Video here.