Brady Out of Politics?

The National Journal reports:

The nation’s largest anti-gun violence lobby is taking a step back this week in the wake of the Auoroa, Colo., shootings. No aggressive pushes for specific policy from The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Instead, they’ve launched the “We Are Better Than This” national campaign to get the public talking about gun violence.

They believe they are in hearts and minds territory, and they are correct. This is a good place to have them.

13 thoughts on “Brady Out of Politics?”

  1. I dunno, Dan Gross was on every station that would broadcast his moonspeak.

    I just wonder if they’re straying from demanding specific laws because every time they do that truthful people expose the fallacies of them.

    Or they push a specific proposal only to realize that the bulk of America actually owns a gun or accessory that fits that description (assault weapon, or magazine holding more than 10 rounds), or has done, or plans to do the activity they want to forbid (private sale, online ammo).

    So instead they might be falling back to cheerleader position. Let other people take a beating, that way they aren’t linked to failure directly, but can claim success if there is ever a victory.

    The old “A good idea has 1,000 fathers, but a bad idea is an orphan” adage comes to mind.

  2. Have you looked at the “we are better” website?

    Seems to me that they are mining for email addresses.

    No opt out of future emails from them and an email address is required.

  3. I think the “out of politics” conclusion is correct. I thought about their change in direction but didn’t take it beyond “they are a big pile of fail”.

    Gross realizes they have been playing losing game and they have to have a new game plan. It may not work but they headed for oblivion so any change is better than continuing on to certain defeat.

  4. “Seems to me that they are mining for email addresses.”

    That seems to be everyone’s game, these days, including most of the groups on our side. Some of the wilder-eyed stuff you’ll see from the RKBA side is motivated solely by it’s proven value for mining money and contacts; e.g., they couldn’t care less whether you write to Senator Bloviate or not. And, they’ll engage in astounding intrigues just to steal someone else’s list.

    I assume the left does the same thing. Most of the stuff is pretty obvious, at least to everyone who doesn’t fall for it.

  5. They are just remarketing themselves to the various leftoid foundations.

    They know that making their funding dependent on political success is the road to starvation for them.

  6. Just saw this linked by Joe Huffman.

    Without impassioned grassroots financing, the nation’s gun control organizations are struggling to stay afloat. Just a few months ago, the founder of one gun control advocacy group told me she’d run out of money and was expecting to shutter soon.


    I’ve been saying all along, they’ve given up and are now just trying to raise enough money to pay their own salaries. They’ve got to save their phoney baloney jobs.

  7. Or perhaps they realized that the more the media speak of “gun control,” the greater go the sales of guns and ammo.

  8. No, they are not “better than this”, they are probably just tired of dancing in the blood of the dead innocents slaughtered because they were denied their right to carry a gun and defend their lives because of morons like the Brady Bunch.

  9. “If what you’re doing isn’t working, find out what you’re doing and try something else”

    Thaey seem to have learned, why can’t you all?

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