Brady Campaign to Prevent Shooting Ranges?

Looks like Miguel had a run in with a Brady supporter on Facebook, where the supporter claimed to be facing continuous 50 caliber fire for ten hours straight. Miguel was skeptical of such a claim, since a 10 hour firefight on the streets of Orlando would surely make the papers. Turns out she bought a house near a gun range and doesn’t like the noise. Miguel notes, “It’s called the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, not the Brady Campaign to Prevent Loud Noises.”

6 thoughts on “Brady Campaign to Prevent Shooting Ranges?”

  1. You have to love these people that buy houses near airports, military bases, gun ranges, and the like without doing their due diligence about the surroundings. Then, of course, the aircraft noise must stop, the gun range must close, the military base must close, etc. Luke Air Force base faced closure (and still must fight closure) because houses were built too close and people complain incessantly about the sound of freedom (jet noise to them).

  2. I used to live in Orlando, and the name “Gwen Shegda” rings a bell, but I can’t remember why. Googling didn’t turn up much, but it is a name I’ve heard before. Anyone in O’town have any more info? Maybe she works in Orange County government?

  3. My favorite case of cluelessness in home buying happened in Orange County, CA. Several housing developments were built under the glide slope of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

    One morning, an A6 with a full load of ordinance had an engine failure on take off. The pilot managed to loop and rolll the plane back on to the runway while the bombardier dropped his *unarmed* 500 lb bombs in the median of a major highway.

    The majority response from the community was praise for the skill of the Marines in preventing a crash into the neighbors’ houses, but a significant number of folks expressed shock that the Marine Corps flew airplanes with live ordinance over their houses.

  4. “You have to love these people that buy houses near airports, military bases, gun ranges, and the like without doing their due diligence about the surroundings.”

    Marc, I belive its law for the seller to disclose any such things. When I was house hunting they spoon fed you things like “There are Train Tracks up the road and you can hear the train” Same goes for houses around the local shooting range.

    These are the same people who cry “Predatory Lenders” when they ignore the warnings about taking an ARM when they got their Loan.

    Here in Mass the multi-century old clubs are constantly under attack by Yuppies who were so impressed the land was so cheap they ignored the realtor’s speech.

    We had a few years back one jerk so sick of hearing the sound of Freedom that he bought (illegally due to Mass’ dumb laws) a box of .22 Ammo and threw the shells onto his roof and called the cops.

    The cops had to explain to him that he wasn’t taking fire from the club as A) The Firing Line pointed AWAY from his house and B) The bullets were still crimped in their cartridges and were as of yet, unfired….

  5. It’s not just firing ranges and the like. It’s almost cliche for someone from the suburbs or urban areas to buy a house in a rural area, only to find out that the farmers spread manure on their fields in the spring, and that the woods are alive with the sound of gunfire during the hunting season.

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