Joyce Grants

John Richardson takes a close look at the Joyce Foundation’s giving this year. It seems to be pretty highly focused on shaping the media environment. I suspect Joyce realizes the loss of media interest in gun control over the past decade has been a real problem for the movement. Notice the 400,000 dollar grant to Media Matters, which will no doubt begin covering the gun issue. The other prong of their giving seems to be in the public health realm.

Joyce would seem to believe they are in “hearts and minds” territory, which is where we would like them to be.

2 thoughts on “Joyce Grants”

  1. Their investment in the public health realm often winds up attempting to medicalize and politicize the gun issue, funding “epidemilogical” studies of “gun violence” and studies of economic impact/public expense.

    Their ultimate goal in that matter is to construct an argument for gun regulation based on public health and expense concerns.

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