The Madness of King Bloomberg

Bloomberg calls on police officers to go on strike until there’s action on gun control. Unfortunately for the Mayor, the vast majority of police are on our side. In the mean time, it looks like MAIG has been pushing editorials around the country that fall along this line. They are appearing everywhere. We’re very lucky that the media is increasingly irrelevant in influencing public opinion.

UPDATE: According to John Richardson, calling for a police strike in New York is illegal. Though, to be fair, because even Mayor Mike has First Amendment rights too, I think there would be serious free speech issues as to this law applying to Bloomberg’s statement.

Of course, if he did get busted for his speech here, all I would say is that Karma is a bitch. We all have to respect each other’s rights. It is the only way we maintain a free society.

UPDATE: Hat tip to Miguel for finding this gem of an open letter to Mike Bloomberg from a police officer:

How dare you, Mayor Bloomberg. How dare you in your arrogance assume that police officers are such lowly scoundrels that they would readily set their duties aside either to serve your interest OR to reduce the risk they face each day in a selfish attempt to force the public to support a given agenda. How dare you suggest that over 700,000 honorable, decent and brave men and women neglect their duty, forget their oath, and risk the public safety in the name of YOUR anti-gun agenda.

Word. Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “The Madness of King Bloomberg”

  1. I saw that and thought ‘Yeah, in a city where it’s near impossible to get a firearm for self-defense, the mayor wants the police to strike to convince the legislature to make it double hard to get a firearm, all the while showing the people why it’s kind of critical that you have the means to defend yourself.’

    I say let ’em strike …

  2. If the NYPD went on strike for double-draconian gun laws, fewer protesters would be beaten, thereby saving on health care expenditures. More savings than the soda ban, I’ll bet!

  3. Bloomberg just committed a crime. It is illegal for any public employee to advocate or attempt to organize a strike. He would also be liable under Florida law for all damages as a result of the strike. Since Bloomberg is so fond of using his lawyers to force New York laws on everyone else, I think we should return the favor.

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