Another Bloomberg Mayor In Trouble

Mayor Gary Becker of Racine, Wisconsin has been arrested.  Seems he is alleged to enjoy touching children.  Maybe we should require background checks and video surveillance on Mayors before they join Bloomberg’s organization.  Pretty clearly there would be some significant public benefit to this move.

4 thoughts on “Another Bloomberg Mayor In Trouble”

  1. Ok, what I want to know is when the Prince of Darkness himself (Bloomberg) is gonna go down. Hey Sebastian- maybe you should do a recap on all these douche-bags. I mean these losers are starting to look like a Clinton donor list!

  2. Ah, another dumbino in the long line of those who want us disarmed falls.

    We’re playing up this fact in the media, right? I don’t mean on blogs, I mean OTHER media.

  3. Good Lord–after Sheila Dixon’s indictment last week, I had been planning some kind of “Bloomberg’s Mayors Gone Wild” thing, but hadn’t gotten around to it . . . and now we have another one, (allegedly) more sordid than all the rest!

  4. What’s the name of Bloomberg’s organization exactly? “Mayors against illegal guns”, or something like that?

    Maybe it’s high time for the foundation of a group called, “Legal gun owners against corrupt mayors”.

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