SB249 Opposition Heating Up

The heat in the kitchen must be getting rather high if Leland Yee is playing the race card. I have no doubt that Yee is getting some racist nastiness, because like any large and diverse group of people, some of us are assholes. But to represent all the opposition in this manner is as wrong and uncalled for as the people suggesting Senator Yee, who is as American as you or I, should “go back to Communist China.” It lowers the debate to the gutter and dismisses the legitimate concern many of us have for preserving the Bill of Rights and the Constitutional rights of all Americans, including Californians. We should aspire to more than the gutter, and so should Senator Yee. Even the Brady Campaign is turning on the legislation, suggesting this isn’t the proper way to go about things. They are pressuring the Attorney General to change the law through regulation, and are threatening a lawsuit over it.

I find the Brady Campaign’s position interesting, and I’m debating what their strategic thinking is, if they have any. If I had to theorize, they are largely out of the legislation business, since everything seems to be happening under the auspices of the Brady Center, the 501(c)(3), these days. Litigation is something they can fund, and a quick letter and a few meetings with a friendly Attorney General could accomplish the same goal as legislation without engaging in a knock-down drag out fight with our grassroots in a big legislative battle. California may have a very anti-gun legislature, but I think we can still cause headaches for them there, and they’d rather do this easily, and without risking their 501(c)(3) status.

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  1. without risking their 501(c)(3) status.

    More likely, without having to do the work to fight us legislatively and have to raise the (c)4 money to actually pay themselves to fight us.

  2. As if you can trust anything any government official or employee says. Show us the police reports, arrest warrants for these alleged “hate crimes” and “death threats”. Oh wait, they can’t, because either they are making shit up and/or the people making the threats are the Bradys running false flags, like when they join the NRA to be able to say the NRA supports draconian “gun control” (victim disarmament) laws.

    1. Interesting that the only direct hates quotes provided were from a Palin supporter and a Rush Limbaugh supporter. The only pro-gun reference was that someone told him to “go back to china”- which isn’t a threat unless the add “or else…” on the end.

  3. This is a typical Leland Yee attempt to distract people when he does something stupid. He and his staffers gin up phony racist comments and cry about them to media.

    He cried racism and threats when he wanted to ban video games.

    He cried racism and threats when he was outed for cruising hookers in the Mission District.

    He cried racism and threats when he was busted shoplifting in Hawaii.

    He cried racism and threats when he went on record supporting the torture and maiming of sharks.

    He cried racism and threats when he was caught lying about where he lived to send his kids to out of distrct schools.

    He cried racism and threats when he was questioned about how he bought a million dollar house on a $30K a year salary.

    If Leland Yee is really being threatened, he needs to report the threats to the California Highway Patrol.

    Of course, he won’t because the evidence will likely point back to his staff.

    Rose Pak (San Francisco Politico) says that Leland Yee has “no moral character” and that she doesn’t trust him.,5

    Neither should anyone else.

  4. [comment editor broken]

    The same Bradys, by the way, who abuse the 911 system and falsely report law-abiding gun carriers as brandishing their weapons, and never seem to get prosecuted for either offense, because criminal safety advocates don’t prosecute themselves.

    1. I don’t think it’s “the Bradys”, they don’t have any actual members. That’s run of the mill jerk-offs.

      1. Bradys, government officials and employees, ex-officio Criminals Union members, they’re all in the same yacht.

  5. We need to remember that though they keep quoting “30,000 gun deaths” they would push for the same regulations and claim prophylactic reasons even though not a single person has died.

    Gross said, “There’s an opportunity now under current law to make it very clear that these guns should not be bought or sold. This is a very important issue, people have the potential to die as a result and you know if I were Attorney General I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. She needs to take action,” said Gross

    [added emphasis]

  6. Hell, those could have been planted/staged threats too. Liberals have done so in the past to create drama.

  7. My cousin is married to a muslim man and wears the head cover to her job as an English professor in a large mid-western university. She routinely hears shouts of “go home” or “go back to Saudi”.

    Never mind that she is a blue eyed 11th generation American on her father’s side, our family being here since 1670, and she is a member of the DAR.

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