Color Me Surprised

I would think the Brady Campaign would be all over this guy. He’s a poster child for both their “Terror Loophole” legislation and their “Gun Show Loophole” legislation, even though he doesn’t seem to be on the watch list, could legally purchase firearms anyway, and didn’t seem to buy guns at gun shows. You know, just like Virginia Tech, which also had nothing to do with gun shows, became a rallying cry for closing the so-called “loophole.” That seems to fit the formula, find someone sufficiently scary, who your pet legislation would have done nothing to stop, then say it’s an example of why we need said pet legislation.

4 thoughts on “Color Me Surprised”

  1. I also thought it was interesting that he had numerous run-ins with the law before he even went to Yemen.
    – Gang activity
    – Drug stops
    – Weapons violations
    – Assault
    – Reckless driving

    Why wasn’t he a prohibited person, again?

  2. They’ll hype his case as soon as they get finished clipping Office Depot coupons so they can afford more toner and paper clips.

  3. “Why wasn’t he a prohibited person, again?”

    Because laws aren’t enforced, and people who are actually caught breaking the law are given the opportunity to plea bargain to avoid a costly trial. The Brady Bunch would rather have more laws that won’t be enforced on criminals, instead of having the current laws enforced. This is because they couldn’t care less about fighting crime – they want to do away with guns. So more gun crime is actually beneficial to them.

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