ATF Using Bogus Brady Campaign Statistics

This is often a problem when we have unfriendly administrations in the White House. The ATF has maintained a sometimes cozy relationship with the anti-gun movement, which hasn’t exactly helped ATF achieve its mission. In order for ATF to be effective, they can’t be seen as working with the enemies of firearm freedom, and the fact that they often are, is what destroys their credibility with our community, and our cooperation is necessary for that mission to be fulfilled.

2 thoughts on “ATF Using Bogus Brady Campaign Statistics”

  1. Obama is a big part of the problem; Holder, independent of Obama, is another. But the biggest, IMHO, is that you have an agency with no real mission trying again and again to carve out a niche for itself in the over-crowded law-enforcement business. ATF does it every time not by finding effective ways to enforce the law, but by defining more and more Americans as the enemy. Same logic that we use in the drug war & the reason we the “land of the free” has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world, including China.

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