We’re The Ones with the Conspiracy Theories…

I always love it when gun control advocates try to argue that even the most sensible pro-gun argument is rooted in conspiracy theories. I love it because it makes me laugh when I see these kinds of tweets from their backers:

Yup, every single member of the National Rifle Association is clearly working with the Republican Party and the Koch brothers to wage war on the middle and lower classes. Because there are no poor gun owners. There are no middle class Republicans. There are no NRA card-toting Democrats. You know, such a black-and-white view of the world has to make for a very boring world.

Earlier in the day, the tweeter also ranted about how waiting periods of three months aren’t stopping the war against the “have nots.”

Anyone know where there’s a three month waiting period in place? I realize this is clearly a person who believes they are entitled to their own set of facts, but I’m trying to figure out if the tweeter is also exercising a right to his/her own reality.

I just had to respond and asked the tweeter just what evidence existed that NRA members were waging war on the “have nots” and how he/she explained the fact that NRA routinely supports Democrats in Congress if this conspiracy is actually being masterminded by the GOP. I did hear back, but it devolved into me being called “terrible” for acknowledging that minorities do, in fact, attend the NRA meetings and followed by claims that the NRA does want gun control if members are threatened by guns. Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me, either.

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  1. As to “Because there are no poor gun owners.” I can solemnly Swear that there are, I’m one of them!
    My yearly income is <20,000 and I have guns, can't afford to shoot them very often, but I have Guns!

    How do people get so delusional and yet are allowed to walk around freely in society?

    1. Clearly, you need the guns to defend yourself in the coming shooting war that the NRA will wage against you while denying your children an education.

      Of course, in the event the said tweeter finds this, I feel I need to add that the previous sentence was, in fact, sarcasm.

  2. Well, some locations probably have a 3 month delay for CC permits, but you could still HAVE the gun. Maybe they are thinking about DC and the length of time it takes to jump through all their hoops?

  3. {raising his hand} – Ummmm, I am a minority (African-American if it matters). I am an NRA member. And I did attend the convention in ST Louis this year (my first). I will be back. What is the tweeter’s point?

  4. If you google carreramae, you’ll find a previous Twitter in which she claimed that the Tucson shooter was a GOP official. Explain to me again how well the NRA strategy of “Be really nice and the establishment will love you” is working out.

    1. One nut carreramae does not “the establishment”, or even the average undecided voter make.

      People who actively spout this kind of stuff aren’t who any of our efforts at swaying public opinion are aimed at.

  5. “waiting period 2 buy a gun is 3months why @GOP #NRA need guns? ”

    I realize that some of that is just Twitter grinding its heel on the throat of the Ghost of the English Language (who wants you to go forth, and avenge his death).

    But what the hell is he even trying to say?

    “There’s a waiting period somewhere” and “why do #badmans need guns” aren’t logically or thematically connected in any plausible way.

    1. I don’t think Twitter can be blamed for the death of basic grammar. The fact is that I follow many hundreds of people who can structure a sentence in 140 characters. Even when we sometimes have to cut a sentence and sacrifice a bit of grammar, it can be done in a way that doesn’t make a reader cringe.

      1. The problem, however, lies in trying to come up with a coherent argument in 140 characters.

        It’s like having arguments using bumper stickers.

        A similar phenomenon happens in blog comments when you try to get a complex thought out in a 3×4″ box where you can’t really do justice to concepts like ‘inflection’. I just think in Twitterland, it’s exponentially worse (and why I refuse to argue on Twitter).

        1. Another thing to keep in mind, however, is this: if you can’t make a coherent arument in a basic five-paragraph essay, you almost certainly aren’t going to be able to make a coherent argument in 140 characters or less!

          I suspect that this particular person may very well have coherency problems in general…

  6. Three month waits:

    – in DC
    – or maybe if you happen to have a friend in the ATF NFA unit and are waiting on that SBR build. Three months would be an awesome turn-around for NFA these days.

  7. How do you decipher what those posts say? It’s like trying to read a horrible text message.

  8. “You know, such a black-and-white view of the world has to make for a very boring world.”

    I disagree. For someone that stupid, the world must be constantly filled with new and shiny things.

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