Brady Folks Blowing Smoke

Wow, this is pretty amazing. They take a complete non-answer from Senator David Vitter as an indication he’s climbing on board with their “terror gap” legislation, and follow up with claiming that C-rated Mary Landrieu, who’s A -rated opponent NRA endorsed in the last election, is somehow “pro-gun”  I guess an NRA C-rating is pro-gun from the Brady point of view. If the Bradys really had something to brag about it would be that Vitter’s opponent in the race is on board with the legislation, but his comment was that he would “talk about this later.” You can see it all in this article here. I think characterizing this as building momentum is a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the Brady Campaign.

3 thoughts on “Brady Folks Blowing Smoke”

  1. They are blowing smoke, but I wish the NRA and other pro-2A people would start getting serious about defeating this legislation. Right now, it looks like it will pass and never be repealed, ever. Which means the last 20 years of pro-gun advances are essentially down the toilet, since the government now need only put someone’s name on a secret list to deny them their 2A rights.

  2. This legislation is going nowhere. I doubt very much if it ever even comes up for a vote.

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