If You’re Going to Get Busted for DUI …

… I guess it helps to do it in some style, like Ted Nugent’s drummer:

People are always fleeing police, but usually it’s in a vehicle where they have a chance to get away. That wasn’t the case for Mick Brown, drummer for Ted Nugent, who tried to make his escape in a golf cart […] Brown, who was reportedly intoxicated, evaded several people who tried to stop him and somehow picked up two women along the way, the department says on its Facebook page.

I guess he was doing pretty well with the golf cart if he had the time to pick up two women while making his get away. Well, if this has any impact on his career as a drummer, those of you who follow Tam’s blog know he may have a potentially successful career option with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

4 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Get Busted for DUI …”

  1. This would be a non-story but for the fact of his personal association with a gun guy.

    Drunk with a stolen golf cart…ROCK and ROLL! It’s been happening for decades.

    Put an M2 on a “back nine tactical turret” and you might have a story worthy of note.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly! This is after all a Rock and Roll drummer.
    No story here, move on. The fact the Ted doesn’t drink is HIS lifestyle choice. Not every ones.

  3. Plus you know it’s lies.

    The drummer is never picked up by chicks; that’s the lead-singer’s role. The drummer packs the van.

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