Argh! It’s a Hard Target

I decided to spend tonight at the range to see if I could get a last minute entry in for Mr. Completely’s e-Postal match. This time I decided to try out my new acquisition, the Ruger Mk.III Hunter. I’m liking it so far. I think the trigger is a little cleaner on my Mk.II, but the Mk.III I think will do fine once I get used to it. I was late getting home from work tonight, so my range time was limited, which is unfortunate. I have to say, this golf target was a lot of fun. I’d shoot it even recreationally, but much like the actual sport of golf, the target it also very frustrating in its difficulty. The aim point is smaller than my front sights, so it’s difficult to get a good sight picture. My targets final submitted targets are here and here. Some frustrations:
I wish I could call this skill, but it’s really luck. I just happened to put one right through the “hole” on the first shot.
Now that group of three I could be proud of, if it actually, you know, went where it was supposed to. At least it didn’t hit the water hazard like the other one, and thus be three shots by penalty.
This is what I call beating around the bush. I kept shooting, but nothing would hit. I finally did make a small amount of contact with the ring. It’s so close I think it’s arguable whether or not it’s a hit. We’ll see what Azreel thinks.

This was a lot of fun. I fully expect that if Ahab is participating in this round he’ll soundly beat my ass. But I will definitely be trying again, and also practicing a lot more with the Mk.III.