Quote of the Day: We’re Doomed Edition

From Jim Geraghty:

But we shouldn’t imagine Harkin is some financial genius or wheeler-dealer… “Harkin credits his wealth largely to his wife, telling The Des Moines Register this month that “I don’t know squat about investing money.” … says the man on the Senate Appropriations Committee, directing billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars.

God help us.

5 Responses to “Quote of the Day: We’re Doomed Edition”

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    God help us indeed! Who put these idiots/commissars in charge of anything?

  2. AZRon says:


    “When the ethics charges are finally levied against me, I’ll claim innocence due to ignorance”.

  3. Sigivald says:

    In fairness to him, Appropriations is buying stuff, not investing in securities.

    I’m pretty good with buying goods and tools and such, and don’t pretend to any expertise at investment.

    The two sets of uses of money are only related in that they involve using money.

  4. Oranje Mike says:

    I don’t knock on the doors of democrats in search of fiscal sense of any kind.