Presidential Pasttimes

Dave Kopel thinks people should lay off Obama for playing so much golf. Personally, if he’d rather golf than continue ruining the country, I’m fine with that. Presidents need hobbies. If I were elected President, you can be sure the media would be abuzz of the wasted taxpayer dollars and time loss associated with weekly Presidential submachine gun practice with the Secret Service. It’s fun for the whole cabinet.

6 thoughts on “Presidential Pasttimes”

  1. Does FLOTUS get to come along, too? I mean there’s nothing that can woo the family values vote better than a happy couple enjoying their mutual hobbies together.

  2. I agree, and wish folks would lay off the President on things like that. I say that in part because it seems that much criticism these days is manufactured simply to create discord.

    Ironically, the other week at an IDPA match, I was thinking how nice a pastime it was. I was also thinking it a bit strange that Obama’s golf is seen as a “legitimate” pastime, while mine, not so much. Was thinking that was too bad, and wishing shooting sports would be seen by more as legitimate. And besides, the skills developed by my pastime might actually come in handy … more handy than skill at golf. Not that pastimes have to be “useful” for anything else than enjoyment and passing the time.

    Ah well.

  3. Trap on the white house lawn maybe?
    .22 practice with the kids
    Wonder where they could fit the 1000 yard range for to 50

    Secret service would be fun. Although I think they might crap solid gold at attending events like boomer shoot or appleseed.

  4. If I was President, the press would be buzzing over all the time I was spending at the Quantico Marine rifle range.

  5. If I were the POTUS, I would want to have Marine One fly me to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds up in northeastern Maryland to play around with anti-tank weapons like the AT-4.

  6. I know that when my wife and I talk about this issue, it’s more along the lines of “And G.W. Bush’s critics don’t seem to be complaining about Obama’s golf games!”

    But I agree on two things: the President generally doesn’t get time off–just a change of scenery–and if Obama would only spend all of his time playing golf…with all of Congress…we’d all be better off!

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