July Is UN Arms Trade Treaty Month

Something gun owners should pay close attention to is happening this month at Turtle Bay. While this Washington Times editorial seems more than a bit rash, there are a lot of ways this treaty could potentially impact US shooters. I’m also concerned, like any gun control, the effort to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, criminals, and criminal governments will fail utterly, and its only result will be to disarm people those elements tend to terrorize. If you want to see where various countries stand on the Arms Trade Treaty, see here.

5 thoughts on “July Is UN Arms Trade Treaty Month”

  1. Forget the Second Amendment – this thing violates the First Principle of Congress: “Me First

    It increases the complexity, compliance and legal hurdles for an American Defense Firm to sell anything outside the USA. Forget ITAR – this thing is a mess for everyone from Lockheed Martin to Barrett. We’re not talking small arms – this gets in the way of everything.

    Whatever the draft proposes in a few weeks will need to be watered down by Congress to meet the “Me First” corollary rule: “don’t anger the people that pay me.”

    And we know Congress-critters are not worried about the taxpayers. I’m talking their real paymasters.

    So between draft gaming and argument over exceptions for the big defense players, this is not going to happen soon in the USA. Likewise Russia or China. That pretty much cuts out the big players. I expect a smaller attempt will be made for regulating shipment on items destined for “civilian sales”, but even Obama won’t be able to sign that. Ironically, the US gun makers would probably lobby for it.

    I hopeful for detente in this whole mess.

  2. The map shows America as offering moderate support for this treaty. The possibility that our current administration will sign the treaty does not indicate support. The Senate will not ratify it, and the American people will not tolerate it.

  3. Actually if you go to the source armstreaty.org they now show the US as having strong support for everything but ammunition restrictions. Did I miss a blowhard politician or bureaucrat making a new statement?

  4. Government (or what passes for it) is still the leading cause of death in many parts of the world. The right for civilians to own small arms is something the US should be pushing as an international human right. I find it ironic that the first thing we did in parts of Afghanistan we were trying to pacify was take away the civilians rifles–just to make sure they couldn’t fight us, their government, but also the Taliban. Then we wonder why.

  5. I need to get this off my chest.

    What bothers me is the massive amount of disinformation there is and how many MANY people are becoming totally unhinged and violent right now. Many people think that obama WILL sign ATT on July 27th without a senate vote and it will lead to the total removal of gun rights in America. I understand this is a potential threat and it should be opposed and is being opposed but people are losing the damned minds over this because they are listening to people who either didn’t do the research or lying to garner attention to themselves. None of them seem to understand the political process and when you try to explain it they get enraged. And they are just swallowing it whole. In the end all it’s going to do is hurt us and our ability to combat it when all the messages our congress critters get comprises of insane violent ranting that even some threepers would cringe at.

    In one of the video’s; actually THE video that started this rumor about obama signing an as of now non-existant treaty causing gun rights to vanish at the end of the month the comments are nothing but a bunch of violent unhinged individuals calling for violent revolution and vieled threats of killing public officials. They have no understanding of gun rights and the gains we have made. Most are conspiricy theorists though and we know CT’s are incapable of critical or rational thought anyway. But when I tried to explain the current situation I get multiple replies by multiple users threatening to kill me BECAUSE I tried to explain it. Veiled and outright. Calling me an anti-gun liberal and a traitor. I tell them I am an NRA member, donate to the SAF and NSSF, contact my congress critters and do other political activities for gun rights. And this is in REPLY to those comments. Some of them shat up but not all. And one reply I got was a certain individual saying he will murder me. This is in reply to my comment about my pro-gun activites making me think he is either totally insane, stupid or can’t read.

    I would link the video but I as well as others don’t want to give this individual any more attention.

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