Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Clerk

This story is remarkable:

The customer, who was only identified as Chris to protect his identity, said he walked into a Kangaroo convenience store on Franklin Street and noticed at least two suspicious men.

The customer said he walked out to his car to get his phone and heard the clerk inside screaming for help. He said he grabbed his gun and went back inside and saw the suspected robber beating a female clerk with a beer bottle.

The customer said he told the assailant he had a gun, but the man turned toward him and the customer fired two shots, killing the suspect.

Sounds like a clean shoot to me.  One wonders whether any Brady folks here want to come advocate he should have called 911 and waited for police to arrive.  This is one of those situations that if I found myself in, having to listen to a woman scream while I waited for police to arrive, because I did not have my pistol on me, I would have a difficult time forgiving myself.  I suspect most of us would feel that way.

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  1. I suspect most of us would feel that way.

    Depends on who you’re including in that ‘us’ part. There are a lot of people out there who have talked themselves into feeling good about not doing much. It’s the same concept of donation of money as a feel-good measure of ‘doing something’ rather than actually going to a soup kitchen and doling out gazpacho.

    Many people think that calling the cops is a heroic act in and of itself.

  2. A real-life story such as this is one that clowns like Bryan Miller and Paul Helmke would likely try to tell us happen only very rarely, and that the gun involved is much more likely to kill an innocent bystander, get played with and discharged accidentally by a little kid, get stolen by a burglar and traded to gang member for drugs, etc., etc., etc.

  3. Interesting side note – my icon is black. The background for icons in your CSS is black. Therefore, I look like a squat version of that monolith from 2001.

  4. In some neighbhorhoods, calling the cops IS an act of selfless heroism (don’t snitch!).

    Anti-gun types would say he was judge, jury and executioner. Which is ridiculous … the armed citizen was merely the first responder doing his civil duty to help someone out. And just as if this assailant had turned towards a cop to attack, his decision resulted in no need for a judge, jury or executioner at all.

    In the Clintonian world it takes a village to raise a child … but you don’t want villagers involved when trying to fight crime.

  5. clean shoot… FL allows for deadly force to prevent the commission of a violent felony.

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