NBC Sports Not Doing Well After Canceling Firearms Programming

Many of you may remember that in the wake of Sandy Hook, NBC Sports (which I would note is owned by Comcast who have very close ties to the White House) cancelled 3-Gun Nation and any other firearms programming. Exurban Kevin takes a look at how that move has worked out for NBC Sports. Apparently they replaced the gun shows with soccer, and it’s not going well. Score one for gun moms over soccer moms!

The best thing we can do to help our cause is to just tune out. Stop watching the crap companies like Comcast spew. Meanwhile, Republicans would do well to understand that the Cable TV magnates are not friends, and should work to deregulate their market and open it up to competition.

9 thoughts on “NBC Sports Not Doing Well After Canceling Firearms Programming”

  1. Your second link goes to the same place as the first. Might want to look at that.

  2. And sign up for on-demand channels like The Blaze, which already carries 3 Gun Nation and Hot Shots and is looking to get into guns in a major way these next few years.

    NBC Sports is to sports what MSNBC is to news. I have NBC sports because it came with the same package that brought me Outdoor Channel and Sportsmans Channel, but I get my NHL fix via the local ‘Yotes affiliate and NHL Live.

    1. Unfortunately for Flyers fans like myself, the same Comcast asshats that own NBC own the Flyers too.

  3. Anti-gun foolery asside this reeks of maddness.

    I mean showing soccer on “Oxygen, Syfy, Bravo, E!”
    What marginal viewership increase do they really think they’ll get from that?

    It’s a very “dial” oriented thinking. No wonder these knobs are so tied to the channel bundling idea.

    Which is darkly amusing as channels themselves are bundles of shows. And more and more people are fragmenting to where they will watch one (or two) shows from a given network.

    And if there are various shows you must watch, well… there’s plenty of ways to legally download them (often the day after their broadcast), or ways to buy a whole season, hardcopy or not.

    And sometimes you can get an older season for free. Amazon and Hulu for examples do that.

    And then you’re only paying for that one show.

    The more obnoxious these companies get (for a variety of reasons), the more people will simply leave.

    Or worse… never sign up in the first place.

  4. From their post Sandy Hook press release: “In response to the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., the NBC Sports Network has placed an indefinite moratorium on the broadcasting of any gun-related outdoor programming.”

    I called NBC Sports after the broke their “indefinite moratorium” when they broadcast the Olympic Biathlon events to ask when they will be brining back 3Gun Nation since their ended their “indefinite moratorium”.

  5. What is this “Cable TV” you speak of? I am familiar with cable internet, and I play streaming content on the biggest screen in my house, but that is only limited by what I care to tune into. Sounds like you are talking about dinosaur technology to me.

    I do agree that the government sponsored monopolies need to go. I would leave my current internet provider in a heartbeat if there was an equivalent available. Unfortunately i need a reliable high speed connection for work, so cable is the only option.

    1. We just got re-connected after 4+ years of Netflix.

      If I’m honest, cable TV is an iffy value at best. It was cool to see myself on Outdoor Channel and the boys love Cartoon Network and Boomerang, but I’d MUCH rather pay, say, $30 a month for 4 channels I want versus $100 a month for all the crap I’ll never watch.

  6. Well, as mentioned in the article Kevin links to, the average EPL match brings in 440,000 viewers at the crack of dawn on Saturday. As cool as they are, I doubt 3-Gun Nation and the rest were doing that.

    As a big fan of both soccer and guns, I’d love to have both available for my viewing pleasure.

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