The Onion Descends Into Tastelessness

The Onion has put out some funny stuff over the years, even on our own issue. I can have a pretty good sense of humor about these things. This bit of parody of the NRA, for instance, is hilarious. But this latest bit from them isn’t even parody. It isn’t even funny. in fact, it’s pretty sick, if you ask me. It’s one thing to parody NRA, it’s quite another to make humor out of mass murder.

3 thoughts on “The Onion Descends Into Tastelessness”

  1. What no-one seems to get is schools already are the most severely restricted location in the nation for guns. They are (with a few exceptions) Banned.

    You can’t get any tighter ‘gun control’ than that, and it’s just Soooooo effective at stopping any school violence, isn’t it?

    I think they should go back to the old ways of REQUIRING all law abiding and able bodied citizens to own and carry a firearm. Sure would cut down on crime.

  2. Ironically, the only way to get numbers like that, will involve methods that have nothing to do with guns…and scarily enough, we’ve had some close calls with that, too (including Columbine).

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