Jumping the Shark

I think the Simpsons jumped the shark a while ago, and I haven’t watched it for a long time. Now here’s another reason not to consume their product. I can have a sense of humor when our side gets satirized well, but most of the time the cultural elite try to satirize gun owners, it ends up not being funny at all. I’ve had a phrase going through my head lately “Let their hate unite us.”

9 Responses to “Jumping the Shark”

  1. Bitter says:

    It used to be that when the writers were against something, they still managed to make jokes about their own side, too. But I completely stopped watching when they aired an absolutely anti-military episode years ago. There was no attempt at balance whatsoever, and I thought it was truly beneath even their dramatically lowered standards at that point.

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    Yeah those aren’t even close to being funny, those are almost word for word the things the Brady bunch or CSGV write on facebook and twitter.

  3. J says:

    The Simpsons will always have a place in my heart but Matt Groening is a filthy hippie so I’m not too surprised.

  4. jones says:

    That’s funny! Eating cereal with a gun instead of a spoon…

    As dumb as self defense with bare hands instead of a gun.

    No thanks.

  5. Scott Connors says:

    It’s ironic that a post about the Simpsons follows one about a Mister Burns. Excellent!

  6. Ben Moser says:

    ” Joviality is a game for children “I failed to see a reason to lower my intelligence at the begining of that wretched shows birth. It is all well and good to laugh the day away and live in a fantasy world However there are those of us that remain in the real world, and watch as our nation is dismantled. Our Constitution is being shredded before our very lives. Perhaps it is time for the ” children to grow up and save the nation that lets them have the freedom to watch the Simpsons, a first amendment right that is given to them by those who fell protecting that right throughout our history.

  7. borekfk says:

    That show jumped the shark a looooong time ago.

  8. Ish says:

    That show is still on the air!?

  9. Patrick H says:

    Yeah I can get a good laugh when making fun of gun owners, as long as its clear its not a political point, and you know, its actually funny.