Trap Shooting in the Olympics

Our only athlete competing in this year’s Olympic Trapshooting games is a woman, Corey Cogdell. I have to agree with Wyatt, that Olympic Trapshooting will definitely be worth tuning in this year. Best of luck to Ms. Cogdell.

Hat Tip to Mr. Hippiesmite, who’s friend’s with my neighbor — the person that tipped me off to my bird-roosting-in-the-house woes.

4 thoughts on “Trap Shooting in the Olympics”

  1. The shooting club I belonged to many years ago was fortunate to have this lady, attend one of our functions in ’01 or ’02. One of the nicest, most humble lady I have met. At one point her father and trainer(?) held her upside down by her feet and we watched her turn several pairs to dust. I still have trouble breaking multiple pairs standing upright!
    If Ms. Cogdell is as good we should see some medals from her. Fingers crossed.

  2. Given how popular trap is here on Sunday mornings, I can’t see why we can’t have a bigger Olympic contingent. Maybe it’s time the local clubs start letting juniors shoot for free.

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