Today’s Random Stupid From the Gun Control Crowd

This is from the Brady Campaign. Sometimes I really wonder where they come up with this stuff?

It’s like they fell in the shower, and hit their head, and this random and completely false thought occurred to them, and since it sounded good they just felt the need to share. Though maybe it’s just Brady getting back to their usual role in making stuff up in an attempt to deceive. Howard Nemerov has some thoughts on Brady’s new President:

The Brady Campaign recently announced their new president, Daniel Gross, an advertising professional turned gun-control promoter. Gallup rates advertising professionals among the lowest for honesty and ethics, and Gross provides a corroborative case study.

Read the whole thing. I’d almost rather think this was more the shower scenario I described rather than a deliberate attempt to mislead. With an Army of Davids ready to fact check on a moments notice, this kind of dishonestly will do nothing but further erode their fading organization’s already damaged credibility.

25 thoughts on “Today’s Random Stupid From the Gun Control Crowd”

  1. Alright maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t understand that. Are they talking about heavy vs light triggers? What’s that have to do with pennies?

  2. If you were to take a penny (may need 6 or so for a revolver) and wedge it into the chamber then a “child” wouldn’t be able to shoot it. Makes perfect sense and it would *literally* only cost “pennies per gun”.

    1. Alright, never heard of shoving pennies into firearms to disable them, but I guess I learned something then lol. Is that an old practice or something?

  3. ohhhh, I get it now. They missed an “a” after gun, or “child” should be “children”. It just looked like random words spewed into twitter at first… Which would have been an improvement.
    Wonder if they’ve ever tried a blackpowder pre-set trigger? Talk about “more sensitive”: those things go off if you breathe too hard.

  4. Some more gun control crowd stupidity for today:

    Or is it racism? Anyway, it’s from Starbuck’s Facebook page – where Ladd is successfully baiting idiots who happen to own guns to make the rest of us look like nutjobs.

  5. I am glad I am not the only one completely confused by that “tweet”. Sebstain, what the devil are they talking about???

  6. As with many of you I’m sure, I read , read again, and re-read that statement, and I still can’t figure out what they were trying to say.

  7. Ahhhh, I figured it out. They are asking why the Gun industry doesn’t make Child Proof Guns, as with most other dangerous products, like child proof med bottles, lighters, and a host of other potentually deadly consumer products.

    That statement they made was not all that unrealistic a goal. I’m a Vet and Gun owner, and I sure don’t want any children playing with something that could easily kill them. Yes Trigger Locks work, but they slow the process way down if you really need a gun.

    I bought my wife a Tarus 22 auto for her purse, comes with a LIFETIME Warrantee. It also comes with a kind of Hand cuff key lock that locks the gun. Yes it’s like a trigger lock, and still slow, but child proof.

    WAIT A MINUTE BRADY, Tarus already does made CHILD PROOF GUNS.

    1. The great problem with the Brady method is that they want a one-size-fits-all prescription. I have no children in my house, and I don’t want my self-defense firearms muddled up with useless safety features I don’t need. My Glock or LCP will go bang if I pull the trigger. I require nothing less than that performance.

      Trigger locks are a concern. I consider them dangerous implements for anyone. People who advocate external trigger locks are irresponsible, and our opponents are among the first to advocate them.

      If I did have kids, I’d use a quick open safe, bolted to the subfloor. Nothing a sawzall wouldn’t defeat, but what are you going to do.

      Don’t buy any of our opponent’s rhetoric. They are prohibitionists. They won’t stop until you’re forcibly disarmed or in prison, no matter what they say to the contrary.

      1. I agree, external trigger locks are as useless as using Blanks in a gun fight. I don’t have any children who are still children, they are grown, and have enough common sense to use a firearm with compatance and safty. However, most of those Gun Haters, never do look at the FACTS before they spew their reteric.

      2. Yeah I have no problem if someone decides to use a trigger lock, that’s their business, it just shouldn’t be mandated. For a defensive weapon, that’d be like chaining your fire extinguisher to the wall.

  8. OK, so now we have Child Proof Guns, and Brady or whomever wrote that, has not done their homework, or they would have realized that many handguns today do have that child proof lock. However, companies like Sig, Glock, S&W, and a few more who make guns specifically for Law Enforcement people, and they don’t have the locks, because they are cops and trigger locks on duty just don’t cut it, and they should know better then to leave a loaded gun around a child.

  9. Even my Springfield 1911 has a lock, in the mainspring housing, and a weird little key to turn it. Makes a nice disassembley aid as it locks the piston and mainspring in the housing, otherwise it goes unused.


    1. My 1911 is a Para Ordance, it has no lockable internal trigger lock, but again, I have no children or politicians living with me, so WHY should I be forced to use one, unless they assume I would be so stupid to follow their advice, so I can be killed while fumbling with a trigger lock.

      I can see the Headlines. Gun Owner killed during a Robbery. Suspect shot victim while he was trying to Unlock the Trigger, then his wife and teen daughter is raped and killed as well all because of the STUPIDITY of the Political Elite

  10. Hmmmm, another thought, my 1911 IS a gun made 100 years ago, are they saying that it’s overpriced and should be available for pennies today?

    I can hope that’s it, can’t I?

  11. More random babble. They keep spewing stuff, in hopes some of these random babbles will stick, like “assault rifle” or “saturday night special” or “cop killer ammo”, or “shoulder thing that goes up”.

    1. I know, Isn’t it something? How they use those words like ASSULT WEAPON, and Militia, and a few more.

      Anyone care to analize the word “ASSULT”? ANY WEAPON, even a BUTTER KNIFE, can be called an “Assult Weapon”.

      And Stupid People EAT IT UP. Maybe we should Outlaw ASSULT Tooth Picks, and the TSA has already BANNED ASSULT Finger nail Clippers.

      1. Cap letters = shouting at the top of your lungs on the internet. Just letting you know.

  12. The primary problem with the “heavy trigger” theory is that while that stops a toddler from firing the gun, it doesn’t really stop “children” from firing it.

    (And realistically speaking, “toddler self-shoots” are already pretty rare.)

    It does ruin their ability do aim very well, but…

    1. Sense is not required here. It just has to sound slightly plausible and stick to the wall.

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