Castle Doctrine Moving in Minnesota

An officer of 35 years speaks out in favor of Minnesota Castle Doctrine, which passed the Senate this past Thursday. We’re very close in Minnesota to getting Castle Doctrine through the legislature, but it will still face the obstacle of the Governor’s signature, who indicates he’ll veto. Someone more in tune with Minnesota politics will have to chime in with odds on an override. The votes have been pretty lopsided, however, in favor of the bill.

Another thing I’d like to see changed in Minnesota? Reciprocity. Come to think of it, Nevada, Oregon and Maine could use some fixin in that department too. But Minnesota wins are always especially sweet victories, because it’s the home of our favorite Brady board member.

7 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Moving in Minnesota”

  1. The Castle Doctrine bill passed by the senate (and last year, the house) has a provision to open up reciprocity to make it universal. Essentially if you have a CCW permit from another state, MN will honor it. This will hopefully open up more states for us with MN permits.

    I think the MN legislature has the ability to override a veto, but I’m always skeptical about the will. We are a truly conflicted state.

  2. Oregon reciprocity is a touchy subject. Years past, the State Police had the discretion to decide whose permits to honor, with the result that they declined to honor any. And we don’t have true Castle Doctrine, either; successful self-defense can still bring about a civil lawsuit.

    Both those would be nice here, since we have one of the more outspoken CeaseFire/MMM people here: one “Baldr Odinson” AKA Jason Kilgore, who himself is an interesting study in irony/hypocrisy.

  3. Whether Dayton signs the bill is roughly 50/50. So far he’s made no commitment either way, saying only that he’ll look to the chiefs of police, one of whom outright lied about the bill, before rendering his final decision.

    We’re busy calling, faxing, and e-mailing his office hoping to be big enough pains in the butt to get him to sign the bill simply to shut us up.

  4. Emailed last night, called today. Our grassroots org (GOCRA) has really been pushing the members to call first Senators, then the Guv. Hope it passes, I’d really like to be able to protect myself when I travel without having to get extra permits.

  5. She is still standing by her statement of “No one in Minnesota has been found guilty of justifiable homicide and put into prison for it [so therefore the law is not needed].”

    In other news; no one has ever been convicted of paying the proper amount of taxes.

  6. Maine’s issue is they won’t recognize anybody who won’t recognize their permit, and they USED to be “May Issue” and still have a “bad character” clause that was pushed to the back burner thanks to some anti-gun police chiefs abusing it.

    Still Because of this Maine’s requirements only really match other may-issue states…and may issue states won’t give reciprocity because they would be allowing people who haven’t bribed them to carry in their state.

    Its a Catch 22

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