The New Brady Campaign President

UPDATE: It looks like the Brady Campaign’s new president is trying to play a game of Down the Rabbit Hole. Silly Dan! Screenshots save evidence of your fumble. (See, I can use the Super Bowl theme, too!)

I don’t even know what to say. They hired an advertising guy, and yet this is the mess that the Brady Campaign has been pushing lately. Racism, drug use, child neglect, embrace of the “thug” lifestyle, these are all things they have been promoting with the people they have been recently retweeting. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for the guy or if this is the kind of work he finds acceptable.

The Brady Campaign president, Dan Gross, lives in New York and pushed the ASK program at his previous job. In other words, he’s a big believer in the Bloomberg nannyism to get other people to dig into your personal lives at home. Perhaps the Brady board looked to Bloomberg’s work with MAIG and assumed that if they could just get someone like him, they could come back to the top of the gun control world.

This is rather funny since his first PR-related move as a leader of the Brady Campaign is a stumble. Or, rather, should I call it a fumble?

Um, no.

The first announcement is on their website. On Saturday. (Maybe even Friday since I didn’t look at it yesterday.)

The more cynical may point to this as another Brady lie. I just find it amusing and very much in line of their strategy for not actually reviewing anything before it goes out the door.

Also, I find it interesting that he has opted to make his announcement on a day where no one will care. Things people will talk about on Monday include the Nevada caucuses, the Super Bowl, the inevitable Boston riots, and Newt Gingrich’s lack of a plan. It won’t be the guy no one in DC has heard of taking over an organization that can’t even get their bills through a committee. I have to wonder if this was intentional on the part of the Brady Campaign.

5 thoughts on “The New Brady Campaign President”

  1. Another progressive do as I say, not as I do liberal gun grabber. And from New York none the less. He is surely in Blooming idiots back pocket. We shall soon see the same tired biased arguments with fresh paint and talking points to match. More of the same from the house of shame that is the left.

  2. So the Brady’s decided that they needed a Spin Doctor at the Helm, because their Anti-Gun Message is falling on Dead Ears. Well, don’t be surprised if there’s some “Co-Mingling” with a lot of Anti-Gun Politicians who are up for Re-Election. Look for ads that say “The Republican Candidate has opposed ALL Common Sense Gun Reforms his entire Career. Can we afford to have such a Dangerous Man in the Senate?” Vote for _____, because _____ is willing to have your kids shot! (not paid for by any candidates campaign).”

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