Bonding Over the Second Amendment

With all the fun had yesterday getting caffeinated via Starbucks, I’m reminded of what a good time we gun owners typically have when we’re advancing our cause.

Reader Adam Z. recently pointed out the other day that the Philadelphia Friends of NRA dinner is coming up in March. Are there any Philly-area readers interested in coming out to have a good time again? If so, would you guys be interested in a table or two for gun blog readers?

It’s scheduled for March 27 at Cannstatter’s with doors open at 5pm and, assuming the typical schedule, that will mean dinner around 7pm. The Philly dinner is pretty well established, so they have some great games with far more prizes and games than the typical Friends dinner. Signal your interest with a comment that includes how many tickets you’re buying, and I’ll let you know when we hit the number for a table.

Remember, the Friends program is about the direct outreach side of NRA. These events provide funds for new shooter events, youth competitive shooting programs, and firearms training for women. Another thing that the Friends dinner funds are local Civil Rights Defense Fund cases. The local challenges to gun laws, whether by NRA directly or by people who have been unfairly prosecuted, are often eligible for funding or other assistance by the Civil Rights Defense Fund.

P.S. The much lower attended Bucks County dinner will be in the fall. I’ll be bugging you all before that one, too. If you want to minimize your chances of a fight over the NRA waffle iron, I suggest attending both dinners so you have a chance at both of them.

UPDATE: Reader Ed reminds us of another Eastern PA event on April 24 where doors open at 5:30pm. Anyone in the Bethlehem area interested?

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  1. Thanks Bitter!! I might go to this one and not Chester County this year! I will send around to my crew and see if I can’t get some buy ins. But I will be at the Bucks one for sure!

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