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We got a media contact today from a reporter at the LA Times’ Seattle bureau, who was looking for a blogger to interview. Unfortunately for me, she wanted someone to go on record with a real name, so I referred her to Joe Huffman, who is quoted in the article. Joe was the person who originally came up with the idea of a Starbucks Appreciation Day, or Buycott two years ago, and I thought he’d make a better subject for an interview anyway.and despite the claim in the article that it started with Dave Workman, it had gone viral by the time he reported it. The genesis of the idea was with Joe. All I did was revive his idea when I heard they were planning another boycott. The rest the power of the Internets did, and I don’t think anyone can rightly claim credit for the success of the Buycott yesterday.

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  1. “There’s no way that the current forces on our side can combat the NRA. They’re just too big. They have an enormous amount of money and people” – Elliot Fineman, from the LA Times article.

    What happened to “we outnumber them at least 50:1,” and “our economic lever cannot be defeated?”

  2. “In Columbus, Ohio, students promoting the right to carry guns at Ohio State University protested outside a Starbucks, carrying signs with such slogans as, “Because I CAN’T carry a cop,” the Lantern student newspaper reported.”

    That’s my alma mater. I wish I had known about that ahead of time, I would love to have chatted with those kids, even if it meant having to show up with an empty holster.

  3. The rest the power of the Internets did, and I don’t think anyone can rightly claim credit for the success of the Buycott yesterday.

    I see your point.

    Viewed another way, though, the tens of thousands of us (including me, I’m proud to say) can rightly claim credit for the Buycott’s success.

  4. I appears that the Starbucks BUYcott by 2a rights advocates has been a resounding success. Joe Huffman, Dave Workman and many other bloggers must be given great credit for getting this going back in 2010, and reviving the idea in 2012, after the latest bleating by the NGVAC. However, it should be noted that The Truth About Guns (TTAG) has devoted many “column inches” and many hundreds of comments to the current promotion of the BUYcott. TTAG has done a great service to our community and I’m sure that they will continue to be leaders in our cause.

    The idea of using and co-opting the two dollar bill as the symbol the pro-2A movement has great merit in my opinion. Symbolism can be a very powerful tool and money talks. I encourage all 2A supporters to embrace the $2 and to start using it whenever and wherever you can.

    1. If you want to use $2 bills you will have to request that your bank give them to you. And not all banks have supplies of $2 bills on hand.
      Perhaps local gun and sportsmens clubs should contact their local banks and see if they have, or can get, $2 bills for their members.

      1. Personally, I don’t think the $2 bill thing is a great idea. Unless the message you want to get across is that gun owners are annoying people who pay me in denominations I don’t normally like to deal with. My idea of putting it in the tip jar was to try to minimize the damage, since the $2 thing went viral.

        1. I think you’re right. The $2 bill should remain a curiosity, reserved for making a statement–and reserved for tip jars, if possible.

          My wife keeps a $2 bill in her wallet, because it’s too special to spend, but if someone attempts to charge her with vagrancy on the basis that a vagrant isn’t carrying cash, she can show her $2 bill.

          If gun owners started using the $2 bill for everything, however, it would lose its special meaning, and just become another bill.

  5. I was listening to NRA’s Cam and company on Feb 14, and Cam claimed NRA started it. It was “NRA’s buycott,” it was “NRA pushing this.” No mention to the various bloggers.

    Another reason while I like NRA, and I enjoy the 3-hour long podcast during commute, I don’t buy their sleazy salesmen tactics.

    1. Can you give the time markers in the show when Cam made these claims? The archives are online.

      The thing is, for anyone who might be tempted to believe your comment at face value without exact citations, is that your description doesn’t sound ANYTHING like Cam at all. I know him pretty well, and I’ve never heard him act like that. But, I’m open to being proven wrong.

      The other thing is that both Sebastian and I were listening to Cam & Company that night, and we don’t recall hearing anything like what you’re describing at all, either. However, I’ll go back and listen to the archives when I have some time this weekend. In the meantime, if you could give us some citations for your assertions that NRA is trying to take credit for the buycott, please do share. It will be news to me since somehow we both missed these claims while listening to the same show.

  6. I’ll try to find the mark on the podcast. It’s not the first time they pull that on me cough heller cough McDonald cough.

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