Brady Campaign Reaction

Thanks to reader kaveman, we have an exclusive Brady e-mail alert reaction to The Court announcing it will hear Heller.

Just minutes ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to take what could be the most significant Second Amendment case in our country’s history.

Thanks to your support, your Brady legal team had already begun preparing for this announcement, but now our lawyers have swung into high gear to prepare our “friend of the court” brief.

We have a tidal wave of work to do in the weeks ahead and we need your help now.

This fight is so critical that we need to raise $50,000 by November 30.  And since your gift will be going to our Brady Gun Law Defense Fund, it will be fully tax deductible!

We need your help today to build a strong Brady Gun Law Defense Fund to protect America’s gun laws.  Please give today.

Earlier this year, a U.S. Court of Appeals struck down a gun law as violating the Second Amendment for the first time in American history.  We believe this decision was judicial activism at its worst and was clearly wrong.

This legal case at its very core is the most important battle we have ever waged.  The U.S. Supreme Court has the chance to reverse a terribly erroneous decision and make it clear that the American people can adopt restrictions on firearms in their communities.

If the Supreme Court does not reverse the federal appeals court decision, gun laws everywhere could be at risk…

…from the long-standing machine gun ban…to the 1968 Gun Control Act…to the Brady background check law.

…to your local and state laws…like the ones in California and New Jersey banning military-style Assault Weapons… and many more.

If that happens, then your Brady Center will defend these laws in the courts as we have done so many times in the past against the attacks of the gun lobby.  But now we must focus on the immediate challenge at hand as we prepare for the fight in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Please give generously.

Friends of The Court briefs are expensive, and the Brady Campaign isn’t exactly swimming in loot these days. The Brady’s definitely understand that this one is for all the marbles.  The machine gun ban, and the gun control act of 1968 could be in jeopardy?  I can only hope!

15 thoughts on “Brady Campaign Reaction”

  1. I just think it awful that the Brady Bunch is forced to beg for cash during the Holiday shopping season.

    I think I’ll cry now.

  2. All non-profits beg for money during the holiday shopping season, kaveman, even pro-gun ones.

    Most charitable giving is done in the last 3 months of the year because of the end of the tax year. I’m not saying that the Brady campaign wouldn’t be happy to have the money, but they would be doing a pitch (though likely not as ambitious) about this time, anyway. It’s the nature of the business.

  3. Sounds like the Brady Bunch is already giving up…

    Gun control advocates worry that the court’s action will embolden gun rights advocates. Dennis A. Henigan of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun violence argues, “The whole purpose of the litigation is to achieve a Supreme Court precedent that they will use to attack many other laws.”

    Henigan said, “This will inspire years and years of litigation and undercut the network of gun laws.”

  4. I gotta wonder about their strategy. If the grabbers lose this one we have been given a bunch of ammunition to further loosen the (idiotic) restrictions. We can take their words and throw them back in later action – after all, they admit that if an individual right is validated, there’s no basis for all the rest :)

  5. I have an idea of what their strategy will be. At least have an idea of what it would be if I were Peter Hamm or Paul Helmke. I’m not going to share it here, because I know they lurk around my blog, and if they haven’t thought of it, I don’t want to give them ideas :)

    If you’re interested though, feel free to e-mail.

  6. “The machine gun ban, and the gun control act of 1968 could be in jeopardy?”

    If that damn 1985 (or is it 86) law was gone, I’d have to take a week off from work, because it would take that long for me to stop jumping for joy.

  7. I see that finally the supreme court is starting to recognize the 2nd amendment and individual rights.

    Yeah, you can kiss my ass too, you communist thugs. You Brady Loonies will lose this time. I won’t give you a penny either.

    Gun owners all around our nation feels that we will finally be vindicated by this court action. Left-wing nuts will bite the dust.

  8. Don’t get too confident guys. The courts aren’t always interested in doing what’s right. We have to be thinking about what we do if the Supreme Court trashes the second amendment.

  9. What did the german people do after Hitler trashed individual gun ownership ? What did the Ruskies do after the Bolsheviks took away private gun ownership ?

    What did the chineese people do after Mao Tse Dong took away their guns ?

    What should we do NOW before it’s too late ?

  10. Have you ever read the Turner Diaries ? I think it’s time to head to the gun store and buy as many ammunition and weapons as possible and then spot places to hide them. Start networking now and join a paramilitary militia organization now. This supreme court case will determin the fate of freedom in this country and possible the rest of the world.

    Since most judges in the supreme court were appointed by republicans, and have a political agenda, let the world know RIGHT NOW that if the supreme court trashes the 2nd amendment, that you will never again vote for the republican party but instead for third parties.

    P.S. Never vote for democrats, God forbid.

  11. I have not read the Turner Diaries, mostly because I actually like Jews and other minorities, and know many of them who shoot and cherish our freedoms as much as anybody else.

    Sorry, I don’t buy into the bunker mentality, and definitely not the racist bunker mentality. We can preserve our gun rights without having to descend into some of the uglier aspects of human nature. There’s still time for a political solution to all this.

  12. We can still work within the bounds of the political process. I’m thinking that a “We mean it” amendment along the lines of “The right to keep and bear arms for the common defense and for individual safety shall not be denied to any person” might be a good starting point :)

    I believe (but am too lazy to look up right now) that at least 33 states have shall-issue laws – that’s enough to get an amendment ratified…

  13. Smells like troll. Or maybe a slug or newt.

    Please post his IP address. It would be ever so helpful.

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