Brady Suit in Pittsburgh

They are asking the Court of Common Pleas judge to throw the NRA case out:

“We are asking the court today to put a stop to the NRA’s lawsuit that threatens a common-sense gun law that helps protect Pittsburgh communities from gun violence,” said Brady Center Senior Attorney Daniel Vice.  “We are hopeful that the court will throw out the NRA’s lawsuit and allow Pittsburgh to proceed with its efforts to stop gun trafficking and save lives.”

They seem to be arguing that the case isn’t ripe. Basically a ripeness argument is, because no one has been charged under the ordinance yet, that NRA has no standing to file suit.  Lost and Stolen still stands in Philadelphia, because of the same issue, so it would not be out of the realm of possibility of the Brady argument prevails here.

One thought on “Brady Suit in Pittsburgh”

  1. Have you ever noticed that the phrase “Common-Sense Gun Laws” sorta rhymes with “Communist Gun Laws”?

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