Ammo Ban in New Jersey

Looks like the legislature is considering giving the attorney general carte blanche to ban whatever ammo he or she wants. Also on the table is a proposal that would criminalize using a “defaced” firearm. But as is noted, the definition of that is so vague it could apply to a firearm that was refinished or subjected to ordinary wear or rusting.

Funny how other state legislatures seem to be able to define scratching off a serial number unambiguously, but Jersey can’t. They’ve been listening to the likes of Bryan Miller, who seems to have a goal to get more gun owners behind bars, for far too long.

19 thoughts on “Ammo Ban in New Jersey”

  1. Oh, it’s the latest NJ legislature version bait-n-switch – eliminate guns by eliminating all modern ammunition – disguised as a “Police Safety” measure? In other startling news, democrat politicians lie predictably, and conceal their liberty-stealing intentions. Story at…well, just every single day. These people need to be retired to somewhere they can no longer do any harm. How I loathe my state legislature when it does things like this.

  2. Little chance of these bills becoming law, after all we have a real conservative in the Governor’s office, Republican Chris Christie who stands solidly behind the Second Amendment. Oh wait…….oh shit.

  3. Does ANYONE wonder why I got out of NJ as soon as I could?

    PA is not that far away and much more gun friendly.

  4. Significantly better odds that it wont pass because NRA A Rated Senate President Steve Sweeney gave his word to numerous people that any further anti gun bills would not see a floor vote as long as he was Senate President. We’ll see.

  5. Remove the traditional police exemptions from these laws, and all of them will come to a screeching halt. Of course, the concept of NJ police being subject to the law like common serfs is completely alien to that state. I can’t believe that I actually went back to work there.

  6. Every time I read crap like that about my former home state, I recall and rejoice in my decision to leave the Peoples Republik of New Jersistan.
    Eleven years and counting now. I’ve only returned for funerals.
    God Bless the Gunshine state of Florida. No snow, No ice (unless it’s in a cooler full of brew) and a CCL which is enjoyed daily.


  7. I am happy for all the folks who have left the communist state of Jersey. But we all have to admit it weakens our chances when we can interdict change there. The folks left are anti, or sheeple who don’t care. We need to get NJ back into the United States!

    1. I’m NOT happy that folks leave NJ (or NY or MD etc) and come to PA to pollute our waters. They don’t leave and realize that they were part of the problem – they leave and take their big government “there should be a law” voting habits with them. They’re really like a disease, and it would be better for the rest of us if they stayed in their screwed up states instead of screwing up free states.

      1. Mike,

        I couldn’t agree more. I have often said that people who leave states like NJ/MD/NY/MA usually take their voting habits with them.

        It drives me crazy going to the gun shows in KOP or Oaks and having the parking lot full of license plates from the surrounding fascist states. Clean up the mess in your own damn states before you come here!!

        1. Actually, it’s those folks you should be thanking to stick around and fight. Unfortunately, gun owners simply don’t have electoral clout in those states to make real change. The ones coming to enjoy a day at a gun show in a free state aren’t part of the problem most of the time.

      2. I’ve often compared it to a viral infection. When a cell is infected with a virus, that cell produces the virus until it bursts, and those viruses then go and start the process over again.

        I’ve given a lot of thought on how to educate these “viruses”, so that free states would be inoculated against them; I haven’t yet reached any conclusions on how best to do this, though.

  8. I voted with my feet over two decades ago when Jim Florio was governor and they enacted the semi auto ban (S-166). What is amazing is how forceful their laws are relative to even other anti gun states. To authorize the confiscation of private property and have a significant percentage of residents think it’s not only ok but a good thing may speak volumes to too much pollution affecting their minds. Draconian comes to mind in the way the legislature looks at the relationship between citizens and government.

    The weather is not great, taxes far too high, too many rules and laws, too damn expensive, too much traffic….the list goes on.

  9. “U.S. out of New Jersey!” Er, “New Jersey out of the U.S.!” Either way would be a win; I don’t think NJ/NY/MA and most of the smaller Northeast nannystates can be saved. VT/NH/ME, probably (in very individiual ways), but from Boston to DC? Nope. Fuggiddaboudit.

  10. Scratching (filing, grinding, etc.) to remove a serial number? You can’t. You have to drill all the way through the weapon.

    Here’s the test. Take a piece of steel, stamp it with something, perhaps several marks with a screwdriver pounded into the surface if you don’t have number dies.

    Grind out your marks. Now polish the ground-out area to a fine luster, down to the rouge level. All nice and shiney? Good. Now rub the shiney area with a sliced lemon. BEHOLD! The number or the marks you made.

    A stamped number or mark deforms and stresses the metal all the way through and this stress can be made visible.

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