SR-9 Safety Recall

Ruger is issuing a safety recall of the SR-9.  Apparently it’s possible for the firearm ti discharge if dropped with the safety in the off position.

The company said it is reworking the design of a new trigger group that prevents firing when dropped and will retrofit at no charge all Ruger SR9 pistols with serial number prefix “330.”

Better be sure to send yours in if you have those serial numbers.  Fortunatly, I don’t think most of us drop our guns that often.  I don’t recall that I’ve ever done it.

4 thoughts on “SR-9 Safety Recall”

  1. near as i can tell, all of the SR9’s have a 330-xxxxx serial # and the dates listed include all of the production dates so im sure its a full recall… ive already signed up for mine to get sent back, and im glad that Ruger was proactive about it… they seem to be getting really good about handling issues

  2. I have dropped my XD a few times, usually while putting it on or taking it off. I’m klutzy that way.

  3. Nothing too serious here. Most traditional double action guns will do this.

  4. Yes, like falling off if you ride a skateboard, bicycle or motorcycle very often, you will drop a firearm if you handle, carry, or use one often enough.

    Here is a hint: Don’t try to stop the fall of your handgun with your feet (a trick I learned with glasses working as a restaurant dishwasher as a youth). Unless you wear steel toed shoes, a 2 pound pistol can bruise the heck out of your foot. I guess it would be OK to try, if you drop a scandium S&W snubby or smaller gun.

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